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How do you select all text in your document?
Click on Edit, Select All or hit Ctrl+A on your keyboard
How can you find how many words you have in your document?
Click on Tools, Word Count for statistics on your document.
What is a template?
an easy way to start a new document in a reusable format (resume, letters, faxes,...)
What do the red squiggle underlines mean in Word 2000?
That a word may be mispelled or not listed in the computer dictionary.
What is font?
Font is the type of print your letters will appear in. Common fonts are: Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial, Comic Sans, and Century.
What is a bullet?
a symbol or number that is used to create a vertical list
What do you have to do before you can change the font, font color, or font style?
Select the text with your mouse.
What does the green squiggle line mean in Word 2000?
that you may have a grammatical issue (capitalization, punctuation, run on sentence, fragment,...)