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noun - someon who meddles
adj. destruction to both sides of a conflict
verb - to interject or insert
noun - unselfishness; caring for others
adj - Lasting for a short time (usually one day)
The author juxtaposed the music of the merr-go-round with the brutal murder
the propinquity between St. Paul and Minneapolis is evident
while reading his fathers epitaph, tears came to his eyes
He was the opitome of a hard worker, always doing the best he could
In the novel Macbeth, Shakespeare uses many paradoxes, contradicting statements already made
When was the last time you herad a requiem?
The last time I heard a requiem was at a church after a death.
Describe a character from one of our readings who is peripatetic
Holden was peripatetic, always traveling around in the novel.
Which book from our class has been the most abstruse? Why?
A Confederacy of Dunces has been the most abtruse. The symbol of the valve was extremelly confusing and complex
What is anathema to Ms. Smith?
Plagerism is anathema to Ms. Smith. It is something she hates and would like to get rid of.
Should billboards be obtrusive? Why or why not?
No, billboards should not be obtrusive. It makes a city look nicer i they are not large and in the way.
adj - helpful
verb - to bring about
noun - Dominance, usually one political party over another
noun - an interpretation of a sacred text
adj - powerful
The archaic mummy was thousands of years old.
The archetype for basketball players who wish to be great is Michael Jordan.
The national archives contain many records and important documents.
After the revolution, there was complete anarchy and chaos.
the oligarchy ruled the country, and although they were few, they ruled well.
Name an archipelago that is a popular vacation destination.
Hawaii is a popular archipelago as it is a group of islands that forms a state.
What would a demographer find if he were to study Tarbut?
If a demographer were to study Tarbut, he would find out how small the population is here in relation to other schools.
Who is the most gregarious person in our class?
Spencer is the most gregarious person in our class as he is very sociable.
Name a behavior or characteristic endemic to Orange County.
Watchin the TV show "The OC" is endemic to Orange County, as it pertains for this area.
When was the last tiem you heard an annunciation?
The last time I heard an annunciation was when my cousin announced that she was engaged.
noun - downward slope
noun - a natural inclination; a tendency
noun - the yeast used to make break rise or expand.
noun - the ability to influence a person or situation.
noun - lightness in speech frivolity.
The man moved up the echelon and had now become the general
The invumbent made important decisions about the future of the state.
The soldier sublimated his feelings about whether the war should be fought, and gave all his energy to fighting in the war.
The elevator was his subterfuge as he left the situation of conflict.
The soldiers used the catapult to volley large objects at the castle.
What book that we have read to you find most ponderous? Why?
Native Son is the most ponderous book we have read. Its many pages make it extremely heavy.
Describe something for which you have a penchant.
I have a penchant for chocolate. Whenever I see some I want it because I have a strong inclination towards it.
Is it appropriate to be recumbent in class? Why or why not?
No, it is not appropriate to be recumbent in class. YOu should sit up straight in your chair.
Do you suffer from hypochondria? Why or why not?
No, I do not suffer from hypochondria. When I am not ill, I do not believe that I am.
Tell me something that you aver.
I aver that "The OC" is the worst television show in the last 5 years.
adj - Eagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information
noun - an inquiry or quesitoning usually aobut religious or political views.
adj - irritating
noun - An extremely forceful, energetic, or hardworking person
noun - a line of rulers from the same family or bloodline.
Insulting the teacher when he was already upset exacerbated the situation in the classroom.
His acumen helped him in his philosophy class.
The preemptive strike suprised the opponent
He was worthy of redemptoin; he had made up for his mistakes.
The importune country demanded the hostages to be released.
Decribe a behavior that Ms. Smith thinks is meretricious.
Ms Smith thinks that dressing in a clown suit and coming to class is meretricious.
Describe a behavior that Ms Smith thinks is meritorious.
Ms Smith thinks honesty is meritorious, it is a behavior that is praiseworthy.
Name something acerbic
Sour patch kids are acerbic
For whom or what do you feel acrimony?
I feel acrimony for my brother, as I feel animosity for him.
Describe your pecuniary situation at the moment.
At the moment, my pecuniary situation is good, I was paid yesterday.