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What is the smallest virsues and the largest?
Parvoviridae (22nm) and Poxviridae (250nm) is the largest.
What virus causes erythema infectiosum (5th disease)?
Parvovirus B19 has a "slapped appearance."
Kaposi sarcoma occurs due to what virus and where the does the virus remain dormant?
HHV-8, unknown latency (trick question...)
What is the difference in rubeloa and rubella?
Rubeola comes from paramyxo family and causes measles. Rubella comes from Togaviruses and causes german measles. Keep it straight fool!
What is the vector involved in Hantavirus causing a fulminant respiratory infection?
Deer mice
Kuru is a type or Prion diease remember scrubs now is this infectious via body secretions? Does foramlin activate it? And how is it transmitted?
It is transmitted to other species via inolculation of infected brain tissue. No to body secretions and No formalin doesn't activate it cuz it already is active.
What is the process by which a retrovirus works?
Virion is endocytosis.. reverse transcriptase to DNA copy which is integrated into provirus which is than transcribed into mRNA which is translated into viral proteins.
What are the tests for HIV antibodies? And what is the confirmatory test?
ELISA is a good screening test, Western blot is a good confirmatory test considering you had a positive ELISA
Yeasts form at what temp and molds form where?
Yeasts form at 37 degrees, and molds form outside human body.
What mold causes farmer's lung?
What are the sexual spores for both yeast and mold?
Yeast it is ascospores and molds it is basidiospores or zygospores.
What is the fungus causes pulmonary disease that resembles tb and is found in mississippi river area humid soli?
What is the malaria form called in the liver?
Merozoites or hypnozoites if it is the latent form.
What is the most severe threatening malaria form?
What is the treatment for trp. cruzi?
Kissing bug: Chagas disease. Nifurtimox.
What are the symptoms or signs of Giardia lamblia?
Non-bloody, foul smelling diarrhea. treated with Metronidazole.
Foul-smellling, watery, green discharge from a female is indicative of what?
What is the drug used to eliminate flukes?
So the egg form of a cestode is severe in that it invades tissues after it develops into a larvae. Where does T. Solium caught from human feces eventually settle in?
Brain, eyes (cysticerci)
How is the maturation and release of eggs done by tapeworms?
Maturation of the worm occurs from anterior to posterior end where fresh eggs are released.
Wuchereria is transmitted by insect bites what does it do in the body?
Lymph obstruction
The liver controls what types of biochemical reactions?
Gluconeogenesis, fatty acid synth, amino acid synth, urea synth, cholesterol synthe.
What does a High Km mean?
low affinity of the substrate
What are the acidic amino acids?
Glulatmate, aspartate
Trypsin cleaves peptide where?
At the carboxyl end of arginine or lysine.
What is the amino acid tryptophan a precursor to?
5-HT ( serotonin), melatonin, niacin.