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most of the expanse of SubSaharan Africa rests on a what?
only parts of continent where the slope of Africa's coast does not drop steeply and sharply at the shoreline
Liberia, Ghana, and the Ivory coast
and Mozambique
two large and dangerous deserts that lie in the North and SouthWest of Africa
the Sahara

and the Kalahari
name some of the features of Africa that made it hard on trade and exploration for many years
steep coast(not many ports)
some big freakin deserts
most of the rivers were only navigable for a few miles
very mountainous
with a lot of thick rain forests
the dry grasslands
and pretty much everything else.......
longest river in the world........?
formed when a part of the plateau sank in, now filled with numerous narrow lakes
its a steep sided structural crack
the rift valley
-vast forests where more than 100 inches of rain are recieved each year

-a thick growth of plants in a tropical rain forest wherever sunlight penetrates the dense umbrella of trees and reaches the jungle floor(who writes this stuff?)
tropical rain forests(big freaking duh)

jungle (i didnt know that!!)
mosquitos transmit ______ and _____?

this fly carries ______ sickness
(whatever th h that means.......)
malaria yellow fever

tsetse sleeping
some really tall mountains in Africa
a vast area of relatively dry grasslands is called __________

one that streches across Africa directly South of the Sahara is the____?

scholars who study languages(if u get this wrong......)
a family of closely related languages spoken in many parts of Africa
i dont know why im doing this 4 u punks........
oral traditions
poems, songs, or stories passed by word of mouth from 1 generation to another

did anyone besides me notice that the Spanish vacation vocab contains WAAAY too many sexual inuendos?
these things may show that Africa and China may hav previously had a cultural exchange (so I could be
xylophone build and tuning

and bananas which are native 2 asia