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What/where are the 2 parts of an intervertebral disk?
Nucleus pulposis - central
Anulus fibrosis - outer
What/where is the conus medullaris?
Most inferior part in cord L1/L2
What/where is the cauda equina?
horses tail - grouping of nerves at conus
What do the dorsal roots control?
afferent (sensory) SAD
What do the ventral roots control?
Efferent - motor
Where is the vertebral prominens located?
What is myelopathy?
Spinal cord disease and problems such as herniated nucleus pulposis
What is radiculopathy?
nerve root problem (numbness, pain in extremity)
What does the T1W visualize?
vertebral bodies, CSF space, disk for structural abnormalities
What is the SI for normal and degenerative disks on a T2W image?
normal - high
degenerative -low