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When did Henery Hudson reach america? today, what is named after him?
He reached America in 1609 and the Hudson River was named after him(he was the one who discovered it)
What is the spanish name for a conqueror?
A conquistador
Who was Squanto?
Squanto was an Indian in the tribe called the Wompanoag that helped the Pilgrims plant seed and grow them, and how to stirr up eels and catch them.
What were the Spanish Borderlands?
it was land that spanned the present day united states from florida to california
What was the period called also known as "the burst of learning?"
The Renaissance
What was a pueblo, a presidio, and a mission?
pueblo- a town that were centers of farming and trade
presidio- forts with high adobe walls, where soldiers lived
mission-religious settlementsrun by catholic priest
Where did Columbus land in 1492?
He landed in the East Indies.
Why did the Spanish bring slaves from Africa?
because they needed somebody to work and many of their Native American Workers died off from disease
Who was Hernando Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, and Vasco Nunez de Balboa?
FP-a conquistador who sailed along the Pacific Ocean
HC-the Spanish leader
VNdB-an adventurer in 1513 went into the jungles of the Isthmus of Panama
What was a caravel?
a new type of ship that had angular sails and its steering rudder allowed it to sail against the wind.
What did the Portuguese trade during the "portuguese trade?"
They traded slaves
What were the laws of the Indies?
the Laws stated in detail how hte colonist should be organized and ruled.
What was the period of time called in the year 500-1350?
The Middle Ages
Name at least three effects of the Crusades.
-many villagers traveled outside of towns
-people were introduced to different spices, food, and trades
-arabs taught italian sailor to use a magnetic compass and an astrolabe
"How did the conquistadors, with only a handful of soldiers, manage to conquer these two great empires?"
They had iron swords, guns, and cannons