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a large, complex organization composed of appointed officials
Spoils System
the practice of giving the fruits of a party’s victory to loyal members of that party
a freely competitive economy
Discretionary authority
the ability to choose courses or action and to make policies that are not spelled out in advance by laws.
Competitive Service
appointments only after a written examination has been administered by the Office of Personnel Management or met certain selection criteria devised by the hiring agency and approved by the OPM.
Name-request Job
one that is filled by a person whom an agency has already identified
Iron Triangle
the relationship among an agency, a committee, and an interest group
Issue Network
people in Washington-based interest groups, on congressional staffs, in universities and think tanks, and in the mass media who regularly debate government policy on a certain subject.
Authorization Legislation
originates in a legislative committee and states the maximum amount of money that an agency may spend on a given program.
money formally set aside for a specific use
Trust Funds
operate outside the regular government budget, and the appropriations committees have no control over these expenditures.
Annual Authorizations
Every year the legislative committees, as part of the reauthorization process, get to set limits on what these agencies can spend
Committee Clearance
the right to pass on certain agency decisions
Legislative veto
a requirement that an executive decision must lie before Congress for a specified period
Red Tape
complex rules and procedures that must be followed to get something done