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central powers (3)
austria-hungary, germany, the Ottoman Empire
Allies (5)
Britian, France, Belgium, Russia, The U.S
Main causes for WW1 (6)
Nationlism, Imperialism, Militerism, Asscination, Competition, Industry
WWI started(the day The Archduke Franz Ferinand of Austria Hungary was assassinated by Serbia)
June 28, 1914
Archduke Franz Ferinand was from what country and what country was he assissinated by
Austria-Hungary, Serbia
War ended, now veterans day
November 11, 1918
Date of Treaty of Versaile
June 28, 1919 (exactly five years after WWI started)
When was the British liner, Lusitania sunk by a German U boat
May 1915
How many people died with the sinking of Lusitania
over 1200 (more than 190 americans)
What helped lead to the U.S to intervine during the war
when the Germans sunk the British boat (Lusitania) and more than 190 americans were killed, including famous figures such as millionaire Alfred Vanderbilt
year of Zimmermann note
what was the Zimmermann note
an act of war indicated by the Germans getting Mexico to be their allies
Name 5 examples of technological advances in military devices
tanks, machine gun, barbed wire, long range artillery, flamethrowers
Name the four people in the "Big Four" and their countries
1. Wilson > U.S
2. LLoyd. George > Britian
3. Clemenceau > French
4. Orlando > Italy
What did the "Big Four" do
led the treaty of Versaille
Who created the 14 point
Wilson > U.S.
The Treaty of Versailles affect what country and in what way
it screwed over Germany
what was the treaty of Versailles
a peace treaty, trying to end the war, having germany relize theyre at fault for the war
The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the war but when Germany surrender they had to pay back debt to the Allies (but mainly France and Britian)what did they have to pay back
pay back 33 billion dollars
wad to get rid of all their colonies(except the ones in Germany) > given to Britian and France >
Limits the army> allowing the Germans not to be able to build their military
Due to Germany consequences what does it evantully lead to and why
World War II because Germany was angry
Name the 1st step that led to WWI
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
Name the 2nd step that led to WWI
Russia aides Serbia ( Slavic peoples)
Name the 3rd step that led to WWI
Germany declares war on Russia and then France (2 days later) opposite of Schliemann Plan
Name the 4th step that led to WWI
Germany moves into Belgium (30 miles of Paris)
Name the 5th step that led to WWI
Great Britian declares war on Germany
What year did World War II start
Schlieman Plan
German Tactic > fight and declare war beat the French 1st and then beat the Russians second
Did the Schlieman plan go threw
no, not in real life, only on paper
Western Front was how many miles
375 Miles
The western front was between what
english channel and switzerland
Why was the Western Front so significant in WWI
because most of the fighting took place there (trench warfare)