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3 requirements that a person must meet in order to become a member of the Senate
1. Must be 3o years old
2. Must be a U.S Citizen for at least 9 years
3. Must be a resident of the state from which elected
9th Amendment
makes it clear that the first 8 amendments are not the only rights Americans have
The Preamble of the Constitution
States the basic purposes of the government of the United States
10th Amendment
powers not prohibited to the states or specifically delegated to the national government are reserved to the states
In the House of Representatives, members are chosen every _____ years
5th Amendment
1. protects a person from double jeopardy
2. ensures "due process of law"
The number of Senators
Bill of Rights
1st 10 amendments to the Constitution
The president of the U.S. has the power to forgive anyone of any crimes
6th Amendment
the accused person has the right to a speedy trial
original jurisdiction
the authority of the court to hear a case for the 1st time
2nd Amendment
Right to bear arms
Ex Post Facto law
a law that makes an act a crime after the act is committed
8th Amendment
`1. protects us from excessive bail
2. prevents cruel and unusual punishment
Separation of Powers
Division of government power with 3 branches of government
to accuse of wrong doing
Length of a term for a Supreme Court Justice
Habeas Corpus
a person's right to be brought before a court so the reason for their imprisonment can be established
The number of Supreme Court Justices
Electoral College
A group of electors that actually choose the president
7th Amendment
right to trial by Jury
Elastic Clause
Allows congress to deal with matters not specifically mentioned in the Constitution
Bill of Attainer
a law which punishes a person without a trial
Third Amendment
prevents the government from housing troops in private homes
4 things a President may take once a bill has passed the House and Senate
1. Hold it for 10 days, if congress is in session it becomes law without the president's signature
2. Hold it for 10 days, if congress is not in session it dies without presidential action (pocket veto)
3. Sign the bill into law
4. Veto the Bill
Appellate Jurisdiction
the authority to hear a case on appeal
The number of Senators from each state
4th Amendment
protects us from "unreasonable search and seizure"
The number of members in the House of Representatives
___________is given the power to make laws
Congress (legislative branch)
3 requirements that a person must must meet in order to become a member of the House of Representatives
1. must be at least 25
2. must be a US Citizen for seven years
3. must be a resident of the state in which they are elected from
The presiding officer of the Senate
1st Amendment
Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition
Legislative Branch
Responsible for making the laws
The president has this title because he or she is in charge of our armed forces
How the President can be removed from office?
1. A majority of the members of the House of Representatives votes to Impeach
2. 2/3 of the senators must vote to convict and thus remove the President from office
Judicial Review
the Supreme Court's power to review an act of government and determine whether or not it is constitutional
Requirements to become President of the United States
1. Must be 35 years old
2. Must be a Natural-born citizen
3. Must have been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years
The names of the two chambers of the U.S. Congress
Senate & the House of Representatives
The President's term of office is ____________ years
Two ways to propose amendment the Constitution?

Two ways to ratify the amendment
1. 2/3 of the vote of both houses
2. 2/3 of the vote of all states
--part 2
1. 3/4 of all state legislatures
2. 3/4 of vote of special conventions held in each state