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Angelina and Sarah Grimke
-two southern women who joined the anti-slavery movement
-wrote the pamphlet Appeal to the Christian Women of the South
Herman Melville
Wrote Moby-Dick
David Walker
-African American who wrote the essay Appeal to the Colored Citizns of the World which explained why he was against the colonization of Liberia
Margaret Fuller
-wrote Woman in the Nineteenth Century

-believed that women had the right to choose their own paths in life
dirty, overcrowded buildings where many people lived
Lyman Beecher
spoke widely about the evils of alcohol
Walt Whitman
-poet who praised American individualism and democracy
-wrote Leaves of Grass
Ralph Waldo Emerson
-writer that believed that people relied to much on institutions and traditions
-wrote an essay called self reliance
Lucretia Mott
A women's rights leader and friend of Elizabeth Candy Stanton who helped found the Seneca Falls Convention
Utopian Communities
communities who tried to form the perfect society on Earth
American Colonization Society
founded the colony of Liberia, some freed slaves were sent here
Henry David Thoreau
-Famous author who Wrote Walden
granting of freedom to slaves
Temperance movement
a social reform effort aimed at curbing the use of alcohol
a complete end to slavery
Americans who opposed immigration
Emily Dickenson
famous poet who had only two poems published in her lifetime
Dorothea Dix
helped changed the prison system in the United States
Middle Class
A social and economic level between the wealthy and the poor
Catharine Beecher
one of the most effective reformers of women's education in the early 1800's
Horace Mann
Leading voice for education reform in the Mid-1800's
Common-School Movement
people who wanted all children educated in a common place regardless of their background
Mary Lyon
founded Mount Holyoke Seminary
Emma Willard
founded Troy Female Seminary School
Samuel Gridley Howe
Opened the Perkins Institution, a school for the blind
Robert Finley
started the American Colonization Societ
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
worked to improve the lives of people who were hearing impaired
Harriet Tubman
the most famous and daring conductor on the Undergroud Railroad
Underground Railroad
a network of people who arranged transportation and hiding places for escaped slaves
American Anti-Slavery Society
a group that was formed that wanted immediate emancipation and racial equality for African Americans
Frederick Douglass
-a former slave who was a leader in the anti-slavery movement
-his writing and speaking skills significantly helped his cause
Lucy Stone
-a gifted speaker for the Women's Rights Movement
-a well known member of the Anti-Slavery Society
Declaration of Sentiments
the document detailed the beliefs the Seneca Falls Convention had about social injustice toward women
Elizabeth Candy Stanton
-important leader of the women's rights movement
-primary author of the Declaration of Sentiments
Susan B. Anthony
turned the fights for women's rights into a political movement
Second Great Awakening
a time period where there was a renewed interest in religion
Charles Grandison Finney
was one of the most important leaders of the Second Great Awakening
Know-Nothing Party
a political organization that was founded by nativists
Thomas Cole
a Romantic artist who was known for painting landscapes
Edgar Allan Poe
-a romantic who was known for his short stories and poetry
-wrote the Raven
Nathaniel Hawthorne
wrote the Scarlet Letter