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Besides the Andes, name the other mountains (highlands) of South America
The mountains and highlands in South America include the Andes Mountains and the Guiana Highlands in eastern Brazil.
Define land reform and give an example of a nation that has tried it.
Land reform means breaking up the large landholdings and allowing small farmers to own their own land. Mexico was one of the first countries to do it after the 1910 Mexican Revolution
For what use do developers want to clear land in the Amazon region?
Developers want to clear land in the Amazon region for farming and mining.
How did European ideas of land ownership create problems in Middle and South America?
European ideas of land ownership involved one person or family owning large tracts of land and others working for them as substinence farmers. They lived on small plots of land in exchange for providing money, crops or labor for the land owner. This caused a high poverty level in Middle and South America which is still there today. There are still large land owners also with substinence farmers.
In what city was the Aztec Empire centered?
The Aztec Empire was found in Tenochtitlan in Mexico
Many people in Middle and South America believe that their countries are not truly independent. Why do they say this?
The people in Middle and South America think their countries are not independent because there is too much foreign investment and control
Most of Brazil is in what climate region?
Most of Brazil has a humid-subtropical climate
Name the metropolitan areas of Mexico that have more than 2 million people.
The metropolitan areas of Mexico with more than 2 million people are:Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City
The continent of South America is separated by what geographic obstacles?
The obstacles separating parts of South America from each other include: The Andes Mountains and the Amazon River and the Guiana Highlands
What ancient civilization thrived in eastern and southeastern Mexico?
The Olmec civilization thrived in eastern and southeastern Mexico.
What are a constant threat throughout Middle America and the western side of South America?
Earthquakes and volcanoes are constant threats to Middle and South Americas
What central American country was formerly known as British Honduras?
Belize was formerly known as British Honduras
What Doctrine declared the countries of Middle and South America to be off-limits to new European colonization?
The Monroe Doctrine declared Middle and South America off-limits to new European colonization.
What does Middle America include?
Middle America includes Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands
What is the difference between a mulatto and mestizo?
Mulattos are descendents of European plantation colonists and Africans.

Mestizos are descendents of Native Americans and European ancestors.
What is the name of the area in Argentina where livestock raising is important?
Livestock raising is important in the pampas (great plains) of Argentina
What mineral is widely available in northeastern South America and Jamaica?
Bauxite, the ore of aluminum is found in northeastern South America and Jamaica.
What two things unite this region?
The two things that unite this region are: the Roman Catholic religion and the Spanish language.
What will happen if current growth rates continue in Middle and South America?
If growth rates continue, the population will double in 20-30 years.
Where is hunting and gathering still a viable economic activity?
The Amazon Basin area still provides for hunting and gathering
Where is the largest humid sub-tropical region in the world?
The largest humid sub-tropical region in the world is located in northern South America around the Amazon Basin.
Which country has the most metropolitan areas with more than one million people?
Brazil has the most metropolitan areas with more than 1 million people
Who originally inhabited the Caribbean Islands?
The Caribbean Islands were originally inhabited by Native Americans and then the Spanish