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Those resources that can be replaced by the earth's natural processes.
Renewable resources
These are believed to have been formed slowly from the buried remains of prehistoric plants and animals
fossil fuels
This involves capturing the sun's light energy and converting it into heat or electricity
solar energy
Resources that are not replaced by natural processes or are replaced at extremely slow rates
Nonrenewable resources
This is a global problem that knows no political boundaries and has the potential to change the earth's climate
Air pollution
These rank high in the taking of human life as natural disasters go
These countries have the world's largest coal reserves
United States
The number of the world's desalinization plants found in Southwest Asia
two thirds 2/3
About one fourth of the world's petroleum comes from beneath this
the coastal waters
Acid rain is caused by the release of acids by ..................... and combined with water vapor in the atmosphere
industrial smoke stacks
After building...... in Egypt, floods from the Nile River were minimized
Aswan High Dam
An astounding .... percent of all trash goes straight to ...... where waste is buried between layers of earth
80% of trash goes to land fills
As the ozone hole has grown,........rates in the Southern Hemisphere have risen
skin cancer
In ................., a field planted one year with corn, a soil-depleting crop, may be planted the next year with alfalfa or some other soil-enriching crop.
crop rotation
In developed countries such as the U.S., loss of farmland is mainly the result of ..... and ......expansion across some of the best farmland.
suburban and urban expansion
In France, nuclear power produces about ..... of the electricity
three fourths 3/4
In the air, in oceans, underground, and in living things, Earth has virtually ...... energy resources.
In the nations of ..... and ...... all of the original rain forests have been destroyed
Bangladesh and Haiti
In the Philippines, the terraced rice paddies help keep the ..... from carrying soil down the hill sides.
water runoff
In this century, ..... and ..... have replaced coal as the preferred energy sources
natural gas
nuclear energy
More than..... people are added to the world every five days.
one million
More than ..... people rely on wood as their main source of fuel.
two billion
Most developing nations face increasing smog problems in their cities in their rush to.....
Most of us throw away about ..... pounds of plastic each year.
No nation can be an industrial power without a dependable source of....
renewable energy
Nuclear power in the United States produces about ...... of the nation's electricity
20 percent
One third of the earth's remaining rain forests are located in
Other nations such as ..... and .... are trying hard to preserve what is left of their original rain forests.
New Zealand
Over where the ozone layers thinned....
Overall, ..... percent of the United States' electricity is produced by hydroelectricity
10 percent
Soil salinization has reached problem levels in areas of the Southwestern ....., ......, and .......
United States
Some believe that.... of ....... ...... would contribute to a higher standard of living for its citizens.
control of population growth
The ...... is known in China as China's sorrow" because millions have died in floods caused by its waters.
Huang He (Yellow River)
The ...... are the final dumping ground for some human waste
The first settlers in the United States found a land of seemingly endless
The main source of energy for cooking and heating in developing countries comes from ....
charcoal from wood
The main problem of water pollution in industrialized countries is water contaminated with .......
The ozone layer protects life beneath it by filtering out dangerous....
ultraviolet solar radiation.
The population of the United States makes up only.... percent of the world's population, yet we use.... percent of its resources and produce..... percent of its solid waste
5 % of the population
25% of its resources
50% of its solid waste
The world's farmers know that.... is like a bank. It is impossible to continue making withdrawals without making.....
soil... deposits
Two cities that have become infamous for their smog are....... and ......
Mexico City
Los Angeles
Water..... must be practiced on farms, in factories, in cities and in our homes if we are to survive droughts and meet the consumer demand
When you take positive steps to protect the environment and Earth's resources, environmentalists call this .......... .......... and ......... .........
thinking globally and acting locally
With rapidly growing world population, maintaining..... and ..... are serious challenges in many areas of the world.
water quantity and quality