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Where are appeals now found
in § 41
When is a supplemental examiner's answer permitted
when a new issue is raised in the reply brief
Can the examiner's answer include a new ground of rejection, and what is the effect
yes, if a new ground is included, appellant may request that prosecution be reopened
What is the effect of an examiner's answer if one is written after a BPAI remand for further consideration of a rejection
the appellant can request that examination be reopened
Where can you find the information about amendments during appeal
in § 41
When are electronic and S-signatures used
Electronic signatures are for EFS submissions, S-signatures are used for everything else
What is a priority claim in an application at filing considered
a quasi incorporation by reference
Can you incorporate unpublished pending applications by reference
Where can you put tables and sequence listings
in the spec or drawing, but not both
Do you need to include copies of US published documents along with IDS request
What new things are added to requests for information
interrogatories and request for information
What are supplemental amendments limited to before final and after notice of allowance
cancellation of claims, adoption of examiner suggestions, places in condition for allowance
What must be included in a request for a first protest filed in a case and in all protests thereafter
if not first protest filed in case, you need a statement saying "real party of interest" is filing
What are the separate application filing fees
application (basic) filing fee, search fee, examination fee, and application size fee
What is the CREATE Act
allows certain multiple owners of patents/applications to be treated as a common owner for prior art purposes
What are the requirements to fall under the CREATE Act
invention was made by or on behalf of parties to a joint research agreement before invention date; the claimed invention was made as a result of activities undertaken within the scope of the agreement; and the application names or is amended to name the parties to the agreement
Where are interferences now located
in § 41