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Name the dz: gaze palsy, nuchal rigidity, gait disorder, falls, speech disorder
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Causes of restless leg syndrome?
IDIOPATHIC, iron deficiency, pregnancy, ESRD
How is the parkinsons tremor different from the one in essential tremor?
ET- postural and kinetic; PD - slower, rest
Family hx in Essential tremor?
AD in 50%
Effect of alcohol on PD tremor vs. ET tremor?
decreases tremor in ET, no effect in PD
When is the onset of Tourette's?
must be before 21 years old
Tx for Restless Leg syndrome?
pramipexole or ropinerole (DA agonists)
Tx for Essential Tremor?
primodone (barbit) or propranolol
Tx for bad tourette's?
high potency antipsychotics (haloperidol, fluphenazine)
Tx for Myoclonus?
clonazepam or valproic acid
Tx for generalized dystonia?
benzo or anticholinergic
Clinical features of Dopa Responsive Dystonia?
childhood onset. Diurnal variation, parkinsonism, hyperreflexia, lower limb involvement
Pathophys of dopa responsive dystonia?
mutation in GTP cyclohydrolase gene (GCH1) leads to decreased tyrosine hydroxylase
Tx for akathisia?
reduce DA receptor blocker. Propanolol, benzo, clonidine (alpha ag)
Name the dz: passing out, erectile dysfxn, incontinence, cerebellar ataxia
multiple system atrophy
Name the dz: early dementia, hallucinations, cognitive fluctuations
Lewy Body Disease
Name the dz: asymmetric limb apraxia, rigidity, dementia
corticobasal degeneration