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admonish (v)
warn of a fault, rebuke, reprove
admonition (n)
counseling against a fault or error
admonitory (adj)
conveying a gentle reproof
adulation (n)
excessive praise
advert (v)
turn attention, refer
aegis (n)
sheild, protection, sponsorship
aficionado (n)
fan, devotee
afoul (adj)
in a state of entanglement
afoul of (prep)
into conflict or collision with
agoraphobia (n)
fear of open spaces
allopathy (n)
the method of treating disease by the use of agents that produce effects different from those of the disease treated (opposed to homeopathy)
aloof (adj)
amazon (n)
tall, strong, bold woman
ambrosial (adj)
extremely delicious
ameliorate (v)
become better, improve
abase (v)
humiliate, degrade, lower
abatement (n)
lessening, remission
abhor (v)
utterly detest, loathe, hate
abhorrent (adj)
loathsome, repugnant
abiogenesis (n)
spontaneous generation
abstemious (adj)
temperate, abstinent
abysmal (adj)
profound, immesurably great
a cappella (adv or adj)
without musical accompanyment
acclaim (v)
welcome with approval, applaud
acclivity (n)
upward slope
acme (n)
highest point, summit, pinnacle
acrophobia (n)
fear of being at a great height
adherent (n)
adjacent (adj)
lying near or next to, adjoining, bordering
adagio (adj or adv)
slow, in an easy, graceful manner
amenable (adj)
ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable: an amenable servant.
amoral (adj)
without sense of moral responsibility
amorphous (adj)
having no form, shapeless, unorganized
amphibious (adj)
able to live on land and in water
anarchy (n)
absence of rule, disorder, confusion
anent (prep)
about, concerning, in respect to
anhydrous (adj)
without water, destitute of water
anomalous (adj)
not normal, abnormal
anon (adv)
in a short time; soon, at another time, at once; immediately.
—Idiom - ever and anon, now and then; occasionally
antediluvian (adj)
antiquated, before the Flood
anteroom (n)
foyer, vestibule
anthropomorphic (adj)
given human characteristics
antidote (n)
remedy for a poison or evil
antipathy (n)
dislike, aversion
antipodes (n, pl.)
places diametrically opposite each other on the globe; those who dwell there
antipodean (adj or n)
diametrically opposite each other on the globe; those who dwell there
apathy (n)
lack of feeling or interest; indifference
apex (n)
fartherest point from the base; vertex
aphelion (n)
orbit's farthest point from the sun
apiary (n)
place where bees are kept
apnea (n)
temporary cessation of breathing
apogee (n)
orbit's farthest point from earth
apostate (n)
renegade; one who has left the faith
appellation (n)
appropriate (v)
to take for oneself
apropos (adv)
by the way, incidentally "We'll meet you at the train station. Apropos, when does your train arrive?"
arbiter (n)
person having power to decide a dispute
arbitrate (v)
to act as an arbiter
abitrator (n)
archaic (adj)
aria (n)
melody for a single operatic voice
armada (n)
fleet of warships
aroma (n)
pleasant odor; bouquet
ascetic (adj)
shunning pleasures; self denying; austere
ascetic (n)
person who shuns pleasures and lives simply
aseptic (adj)
free from disease-causing microbes
asinine (adj)
like an ass; stupid; silly
assuage (v)
pacify; soothe
astringent (adj)
stern; severe
asunder (adv)
atrophy (n)
lack of growth, as from disease
attenuate (v)
make thin; weaken
auriferious (adj)
bearing or yeilding gold
auroral (adj)
of or ressembling dawn
auspices (n)
aegis; sponsorship; patronage
austere (adj)
avarice (n)
averse (adj)
disinclined; loathe
aversion (n)
strong dislike; antipathy
avert (v)
avoid; prevent
aviary (n)
place where birds are kept
avoirdupois (n)
weight; heaviness
axiom (n)
self-evident truth; maxim
axiomatic (adj)