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What is apraxia of speech?
Problems with programming and sequencing the speech act.
What causes apraxia?
injury, disease, or stroke
What is dysphagia?
swallowing disorder
what causes dypshagia
diseases, mouth problems
what is dysarthria?
problem with muscle control of the speech mechanism
what causes dysarthria? (mult)
Ataxic-cerebellum damage
Flaccid-lower motor neuron damage
Hyperkinetic/Hypokinetic-extrapyramidal system damage
Spastic-upper motor neuron damage.
Mixed- multiple areas
big 3 neurogenic disorders?
aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia
what is aphasia
loss of language due to stroke, head trauma, or other
can an aphasic have both apraxia and dysarthria?
can an aphasic have apraxia?
can an aphasic have dysarthria
causes of stroke?
blockage or bleeding in the brain
what is a CVA
Cerebrum Vascular Accident
Vascular-blood vessels
who gets aphasia
anyone with altered blood flow to the brain
differences between receptive aphasia and expressive aphasia?
receptive- reading and understanding problems (wernicke's)
expressive- writing, speaking and gesturing problems (broca's)
paresis vs paralysis?
Paresis-partial immobility or weakness
Paralysis- full loss of movement
what types of language related disturbances can result from aphasia
Apraxia, dysarthria, anomia(diff. naming nouns), paraphasia (sub for wrong word), neologism(made up word), agrammatism (telegraphic speech), jargon (makes no sense), automatic speech, echolalia (parotting), perseveration, agnosia (recognizing senses), acalculia (loss of math), amusia (music), agraphia (writing), alexia (read).
how do you treat aphasia?
language and speech sampling, diagnostic tests (like the Boston one), therapy (group or solo)
what is dementia
chronic and progressive decline in memory cognition
what causes dementia
brain damage from diseases, strokes, virus and other
what is TIA
Transient Ischemic Attack (mini stroke not in brain with no lasting damage)
how do you confirm alzheimers
what are the common verbal manifestations of dimentia
Circumlocution- saying a different word instead of the hard one
Confabulation- remark without knowledge of truthfulness
Echolalia- repeat last sound
Logorrhea- continuous production of sounds
Perseveration- continues too long
Tangential speech- goes off on tangents
what is TBI
traumatic brain injury
how many nonfatal TBI's/ yr
1.5 million total- 50,000 fatal
age at highest risk for TBI
what is OHI
open head injury (gun shot)
what is CHI
close head injury
difference between diffuse brain damage and focal brain damage
diffuse-multiple areas of damage
focal-one area of the brain
what is a coma
state of unconciousness
types of disorientation
time, place, person, situation
3 components of memory
attention, storage and recal
short vs long-term memory?
short-temporary (phone #)
long- indefinite (name)
two types of information retrieval
free recall and recognition
mnemonic device?
triggers memories
what is "flat affect"
reduction in emotional expressiveness
who certifies speech paths and audiologists
OSPI-state (school)
what is the CAA
council on academic acreditation (certifies speech paths)
"cause of something"
"present at birth"
what is prosody
stress and intonation patterns of an utterance
traditional components of language (5)
pragmatics, semantics, syntax, phonology, morphology
functional components of language (3)
use, content, form
pitch variation in the voice across an utterance
what age are vowels mastered?
what age are all speech sounds mastered for girls?
for boys?