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Motor control
Field of study aimed at understanding the processes that lead to the execution of human movement and the factors that affect to the execution of these processes.
Motor learning
- Field of study aimed at understanding the way in which the processes that subserve movement are developed and the factors which facilitate or inhibit this development.
A tentative prediction of behavior under a set of conditions
Based on observation and/or literature rather than theory
The logical reasoning from isolated facts to a more general description
Bottom up reasoning
The development of hypotheses based on observations (facts) and induction. Typically, the hypothesis is derived as a result of organizing or contrasting observations and the conditions under which they arise
A statement describing a sequence of events in nature or human activities that has been observed to occur with unvarying uniformity under the same conditions
A proposed explanation or statement of the processes that account for the lawful phenomenon
Assumptions based on theory and not grounded in fact. A “Postulate” is a basic principle derived without proof
Based on theory rather than observation and/or literature
The process of reasoning from a general principle or theory to an unknown, from general specific, or from to postulate to testable hypotheses
Top down reasoning
The development of hypotheses based on theory and deduction. Typically, the hypothesis is derived as a result of the predictions of a theory.
Applied research
Research aimed at testing potential solutions (hypotheses) to problems present themselves in real world settings. The tasks utilized in applied research are typically real world tasks and the testing occurs in real world environments.
Basic research
Involved in testing hypotheses in laboratory and field settings using tasks specifically designed to involve/isolate the process(es) and/or environmental demand(s) under study. These tasks tend to be relatively simple so that experimental process can process can progress quickly, novel so the influence of past experiences are minimized, and artificial so that the process or environmental condition of interest can be isolated
An investigation in which a researcher manipulates one variable while measuring its effect on some other variable