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What is the Drive Reduction Theory?
Our behavior is motivated by biological needs.
Primary Drives
Biological needs. i.e. hunger, thirst.
Secondary Drives
Learned drives. i.e. money can GET us primary ..etc.
Problem with Drive Reduction Theory?
Cannot explain ALL our motivations. I.e. "Need for speed" stuff.
What is the Arousal Theory?
We seek an optimum level of excitement or arousal.
What is the Yerkes-Dodson Law?
We might perform well at an easy task with a very high level of arousal, but the same high level of arousal would prevent us from performing well on a difficult task.
What is the Incentive Theory?
Behavior is pushed by a desire or by knowledge that a reward will be given.
List Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. (Polly Stirs Beans Every Sunday)
1. Physiological Needs
2. Safety Needs
3. Belongingness and Love Needs
4. Esteem Needs
5. Self Actualization
What are the four stages of the Sexual Response Cycle according to Masters and Johnson? (I Play One Recorder)
1. Initial Excitement
2. Plateau Phase
3. Orgasm
4. Resolution Phase
How is a homosexual person different from a heterosexual biologically?
They have different brain structures (might be caused by hormones in the womb)
What is the Achievement Motivation Theory?
Motivations behind complex behaviors like mastering complex tasks and knowledge to reach personal goals.
Extrinsic Motivators
Rewards we get for accomplishments from outside ourselves. I.e. grades, salary, etc.
Intrinsic Motivators
Rewards we get internally. I.e. enjoyment, satisfaction.
Why are people so interested in the Achievement Motivation Theory? (2)
Because different groups are motivated differently. I.e. Businesses and schools.
Which type of motivation is better for the short run? Which type of motivation is better for the long run?
Extrinsic; Intrinsic.
What are the two attitudes of the Management Theory?
X- Managers believe employees will work only if rewarded with punishments or benefits.

Y- Managers believe employees are internally motivated to do good work and policies should encourage this motive.
What is the James Lange theory of emotion?
We feel emotion because of biological changes caused by stress. One occurs after the other.
What is the Cannon Bard theory of emotion?
Biological change and cognitive awareness occur SIMULTANEOUSLY. Cannon overestimated the roles of the thalamus.
What is the Two Factor Theory? Who is in charge of it?
People who are already physiologically aroused experience more intense emotions than unaroused people when both groups are exposed to the same stimuli.
Who are Holmes and Rahe?
They designed one fo the first instruments to measure stress. Their social readjustment rating scale measured stress using life changing units (LCU's)
Who is Seyle?
Came up with the General Adaptation Syndrome.
Name the three parts of the General Adaption Syndrome.
Alarm Reaction, Resistance, and Exhaustion.