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Actions: expels wind, clear heat, brightens eyes,

Indications: redness/swelling/pain/itching eyes, lacrimation, blurry vision, photophobia, night/color blindness, decreased visual acuity
UB 1
Jing Ming
Actions: activates LU qi (D&D fx), stops cough and wheezing, clears LU, clears heat, resolves phlegm, invigorates qi, alleviates pain

Indications: cough, asthma, dyspnea, fullness/phlegm in chest, pain between scapulas, phlegm, emotion, stress, shoulder ROM, smokers cough (when people stop smoking), local LU point
LU 1
Zhong Fu
Actions: expel wind, clear heat, brighten eyes, move obstruction, alleviates pain

Indications: h/a, sinus inflammation, redness/swelling/pain/itching eyes, lacrimation, blurry vision, twitching eyelids, decrease visual acuity, glaucoma, hemorrhoids
UB 2
Zan Zhu
Actions: descends LU qi, clear LU heat, resolve LU phlegm or dampness, opens channel, relaxes sinue, alleviates local pain

Indications: cough, asthma, dsypnea, hemoptysis, phlegm/fullness in chest, sore throat, tidal fever, mastitis, pain or limited ROM- shoulder, elbow, arm, infantile convulsions
LU 5
Chi Ze
Actions: opens the Du Mai, clears wind-heat, clears heat, calms the shen, opens the channel, alleviates pain, benefits occipate/neck/upper back

Indications: deafness, tinnitus, ear infections, redness/pain of the eyes, sore throat, hoarse voice, epistaxis, febrile diseases, chills/fever, night sweats, malaria, dark/scanty urine, lower back pain, epilepsy, agitation, mania, pain/stiffness of the neck/upper back, h/a, pain/contraction of hand/arm
SI - 3
(Back Stream)
Actions: clears heat, clams shen, transforms phlegm, opens channel, benefits the arm

Indications: cardiac pain, chest congestions, hypochondriac pain, h/a, red eyes, palpitations, restlessness, pain/spasm of arm, hand tremor
HT - 3
(Little Sea)
Actions: clears damp-heat, stops swelling, opens the channel, alleviates pain

Indications: h/a, neck pain/stiffness, jaw pain, febrile diseases, jaundice, contraction of fingers, pain of hand/wrist, arthritis (local)
SI - 4
(Wrist Bone)
Actions: tonifies SP, resolves damp, harmonizes MJ, regulates qi.

Indications: ab pain/distention, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, n/v, borborygmus, lethargy, heavy limbs, fatigue, hemorrhoids, local pain of toe/ball/arch of foot
SP 3
(Great White)
Actions: regulates and descends LU qi, clear LU heat, stops bleeding, moistens LU

Indications: cough, asthma, dsypnea, chest pain, sore throat, hemoptysis, local pain of elbow and arm, shi strong cough, allergy reaction point
LU 6
Kong Zhui
Actions: tonifies HT, clams shen, benefits the tongue, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: palpitations, fright, depression, agitation, eye pain, blurry vision, sore throat, sudden voice loss (by heat), aphasia with tongue rigidity, local pain of wrist/hand
HT - 5
(Penetrating Inside)
Actions: tonifies SP, harmonizes MJ, opens Chong Mai, regulates xue/menses, regulates qi, dispels damp.

Indications: ab pain/distention, n/v, diarrhea, dysentery, anorexia, edema, blood in stool, uterine bleeding, all menstrual conditions, local pain in arch/heel/sole/ankle of foot.
SP 4
(Grandfather's Grandson)
Actions: expel wind, clear head, open oraphises, calm shen, open channel, alleviates pain

Indications: h/a dizziness, nasal obstruction, stiff/painful neck, sore throat, eye pain/redness, shoulder/back pain, mania, won't stop talking
UB 10
Tian Zhu
Actions: clears heat, stops swelling, clams the shen, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: h/a, swelling in the throat/cheek/gums, toothache, dizziness, epilepsy, agitation, pain in the neck/shoulder/arm/elbow
SI - 8
(Little Sea)
Actions: dispels wind, release exterior, regulates sweating, clear heat, regulates face, descends qi, restores qi or yang, opens channel, alleviates pain, *induces labor

Indications: h/a, sorethroat, t/a, sinus sx, epistaxis, facial edema/pain, deafness, eye pain/redness exterior sx/condition, pain/numbness- hand, arm, neck, head, body, clear general shi in body
LI 4
Actions: expel wind, release exterior, bu LU, strengthen wei qi

Indications: common cold/flu, c/f, h/a, cough, dyspnea, sinus congestion, discharge, pain/stiffness of neck/upper back
UB 12
Feng Men
Actions: tonifies HT, calms shen, tonifies HT yin, clears heat

Indications: cardiac/chest pain, palpitations, insomnia, irritability, hysteria, amnesia, epilepsy, mania, dementia, turrets syndrome, sore throat, hemoptysis, yellow sclera, 5 palm heat
HT - 7
(Spirit Gate)
Actions: bu LU qi and yin, descend LU qi, clear LU heat, release exterior

Indications: cough, asthma, dyspnea, chest pain/congestion, tidal fever, night sweats, pain/stiffness upper back
UB 13
Fei Shu
Actions: activates LU D&D fx, clear LU, open nose, release exterior, expel wind, circulates wei qi, opens ren meridian, regulates water passages, benefits UB, opens channels, alleviates pain

Indications: cough, asthma, dsypnea, sinus congestion, stiff neck, h/a, chills/fever, migraine, toothache, facial paralysis, local pain/weakness of wrist/hand
LU 7
Lei Que
Actions: regulate the HT, calm shen, soothe LV, regulate qi, open chest, descend qi

Indications: chest pain/congestion, palpitations, cough, vomiting, restlessness, agitation
UB 14
Jue Yin Shu
Actions: opens channel, benefits the shoulder/scapula

Indications: pain in the scapular region, neck/shoulder stiffness, chest congestion, cough with stubborn phlegm
SI - 11
(Heavenly Gathering)
Actions: bu HT, calm shen, open chest, regulate qi, clear heat, invigorate xue

Indications: chest pain/congestion, cough, palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, panic, mania, dementia, epilepsy, night sweats, nocturnal emissions
UB 15
Xin Shu
Actions: clears HT heat, clams shen, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: chest pain, palpitations, agitation, febrile diseases, palm heat, disuria, enuresis, red/itching of external genitalia, pain/contraction of hand/little finger
HT - 8
Actions: tonify SP, resolves damp, moves LV qi, harmonizes MJ/LJ, regulates menses, induces labor, tonifies KD, tonifies qi/xue/yin, calms shen, invigorates/cools xue, opens channel, alleviates pain.

Indications: ab full/distention/pain, n/v, diarrhea, borborygmus, anorexia, edema, fatigue, heavy limbs, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia, infertility, transverse presentation of fetus, delayed/prolonged labor, retention of placenta/dead fetus, postpartum fatigue/dizzy, impotence, seminal emission, hernia, urinary dysFx, dizzy, insomnia, empty heat Sx, local pain/muscle dysFx of lower leg
SP 6
(3 Yin Meeting)
Actions: invigorates xue, dispels xue stasis, bu xue, clear xue heat, stop bleeding, open chest/diaphram, descend rebellious qi

Indications: chest pain/congestion, epigastric pain/fullness, hiccups, reflux, vomiting, hiatal hernia, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, bleeding skin eruptions, tidal fever, night sweats, arthritis
UB 17
Ge Shu
Actions: opens channel, benefits the shoulder/scapula

Indications: local pain/obstruction of the neck/scapular region
SI - 13
(Crooked Wall)
Actions: benefit LV, regulate qi, bu LV xue, calm internal wind, clear heat, disperse damp heat, benefits eyes

Indications: hypochondriac/chest/ab pain/distension, cough with blood tinged sputum, blurry vision, red/irritated eyes, night blindness, jaundice, irritably/anger, mental disorders, epilepsy, back pain in any location
UB 18
Gan Shu
Actions: Bu LU qi and yin, promote LU descending fx, regulates vessels, bu zong qi, opens channels, alleviates pain- bu LU xu

Indications: Asthma, cough, dyspnea, weak breathing/pulse, fatigue, palpitations, hemoptysis, sore throat, local pain- wrist, hand, arm, shoulder, chest, SOB
LU 9
Tai Yuan
Actions: clears wind, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: shoulder/scapula pain, neck stiffness/pain/ROM, chills/fever
SI - 14
(Outer Shoulder Transport Point)
Actions: Bu SP, resolve damp, raise SP qi, control xue, harmonize qi xue ying, regulate middle jiao

Indications: ab pain/distension, anorexia, diarrhea, dysentery, xue in stool, vomiting, jaundice, edema, lassitude, fatigue, profuse menstruation, middle/lower back pain
UB 20
Pi Shu
Actions: clear heat, dispels wind, *opens/regulates LU water passages

Indications: sore throat, eye pain/redness, deafness, tenitis, t/a(lower), epistaxis, sinus sx, *edema, *ascites (interstitial fluid in abdomen), *scanty urination (fluid imbalance), local pain- wrist, arm
LI 6
Actions: clear LU heat, benefits throat

Indications: cough, sore throat, hemoptysis, loss of voice, fever, hot palms, agitation, local pain- thumb, hand (harmonizes HT & SP)
LU 10
Yu Ji
Actions: regulate water passage, promote urination, regulate qi, resolve damp

Indications: ab distension, borborygmus, indigestion, n/v, diarrhea, dysentery, edema, difficult urination, low back pain, h/a, alternating c/f, bitter taste
UB 22
San Jiao Shu
Actions: tonifies SP, resolves damp, opens water passages, benefits LJ

Indications: Ab pain, distention, nausea, diarrhea, dysentery, edema, dysuria, incontinence, seminal emissions, leucorrhea, genital pain, dysmenorrhea, low ab/back pain, knee pain
SP 9
(Yin Mound Spring)
Tonifies & benefits the KD: Qi, Yang, Yin and Jing. Tonifies xue. Benefits the bones. Regulates the water passages. Benefits urinaiton. Warms and benefits the uteurus. Strengthens the lower back. Brightens the eyes. Benefits the ears.

fatigue/exhaustion. Difficult, frequent, dribbling urination. nocturnal/seminal emission, impotence, infertility, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, asthma/cough/dyspnea, edema, diarrhea, cold limbs, deafness/tinitius, back, knee, & ankle pain/weakness, night blindness blurry vision, dizziness
Kidney Transport Point
Kidney Back Shu
Actions: clears heat, alleviates pain, benefits throat, *harmonizes ST and intestines(digestive)

Indications: h/a, facial edema, t/a, sore throat, ab pain, borborygmus, bloating(ab), local pain- shoulder, arm
LI 7
Actions: clear heat, benefits throat, opens oraphises (shen), revives consciousness, opens meridian

Indications: Sore throat, fever, asthma, cough, epistaxis, mania, loss of consciousness, childhood fright (night terrors), local pain- thumb

CI: Shallow needling
LU 11
Shao Shang
Actions: Regulates the intestines, transforms, stagnation, opens the channel, strengthens the lower back

Indications: diarrhea/constipation, borborgymus, abdominal distention/pain, lower back pain/weakness
Actions: regulates qi, benefits the ears

Indications: deafness, tinnitus, ottorrhea, ear pain, pain/ROM of the jaw, toothache
SI - 19
(Listening Palace)
Actions: opens channel, regulates qi and xue, harmonizes ST and intestines, *bu qi

Indications: pain/ROM arm and shoulder, t/a, facial pain/swelling/paralysis, ab pain, diarrhea, n/v, *any digestive problem, strong connection with ST 36
LI 10
Regulates Intestines, promotes separation of pure from impure,
drains dampness, clears damp heat

Indications: diarrhea, dysentary, lower abdominal pain and distention, hernia, enurisis, hematuria (blood in the urine), seminal emissions, leucorrhea, lower back pain, sciatica
Actions: *clear heat, cool xue, expels wind, resolves damp, regulates qi and xue, opens channel, benefits joints, best pnt to clear heat

Indications: fever, sore throat, red eyes, t/a, *any heat condition, skin rash/infection, *any skin condition, local pain/numbness/ROM- elbow, arm, shoulder, ab pain, n/v diarrhea, disentary, chronic constipation
LI 11
Actions: Regulates the UB, Opens the water passages, Clears damp heat from the lower jiao, Moves stagnation, Benefits the lower back

Indications: Difficult Urination, Urinary retention, Frequent urination, Seminal emissions,
Itching/pain in the external genitals, diarrhea, constipation, stiffness/pain of the lower back
UB28 – Pangguanshu
Actions: opens channel, alleviates pain, dispels wind, regulates qi and xue, resolves phlegm, disperses masses

Indications: local pain/ROM- *shoulder and arm, *skin rash, urticaria(itching), scrofula
LI 15
Actions: dispels wind, *opens nose

Indications: *nasal congestion/discharge, anosemia, epistaxis, facial itching/swelling, deviation of mouth, *sinus pnt
LI 20
Ying Xiang
Actions: harmonizes middle jiao, descends qi, stops vomiting, relieves pain

Indications: epigastric pain/distension, n/v, reflux, borborygmus, slippery (phlegmy), diarrhea, anorexia, best local ST pnt upper GI
ST 21
Liang Men
Actions: regulates middle jiao/intestines, clears heat, regulates qi, resolves damp, moves stagnation

Indications: abdominal pain/distension, diarrhea, disentary, borborrygmus, *constipation, edema, painful * menstrual dysfunction, luekorrhea, painful urination, *digestive sx
ST 25
Tian Shu
Actions: Regulates the lower jiao, Regulates menstruation, opens the channel, benefits the lower back

Indications: lower back pain/weakness, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, hernia, seminal emissions, impotence, painful urinary dysfunction, diarrhea
2nd Bone Hole/Crevice
Meeting Point of UB & GB
Actions: warms lower jiao, benefits menstruation, *relieves xue stasis

Indications: lower abdominal pain, irregular *menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, *infertility, *uterine masses(fibroids), uterine prolapse, luekorrhea, endometriosis, *female reproductive disorders
ST 29
Gui Lai
Actions: harmonizes ST, descends rebellious qi, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: epigastric pain/distension, reflux, mastitis, local pain/numbness *knee and lower extremity, *any digestive sx
ST 34
Liang Qiu
Actions: *bu ST and SP, resolve damp, regulate intestines, dispels cold, bu qi and xue, firms jing, regulates ying and wei, clears heat, brightens eyes and calms shen, raises yang and revives consciousness, opens channel and stops pain, shao yang disorders

Indications: *any digestive sx, severe depletion of qi and xue (post-partum, chronic illness, emaciation, exhaustion, etc.), mastitis, beriberi, dizziness, cough, asthma, edema, hypertension, febrile disease, insomnia, agitation, mania, *local pain- knee and lower leg, *tonification point
ST 36
Zu San Li
Actions: regulates ST, SP, intestines, clears damp-heat, opens channel, alleviates pain

Indications: abdominal pain/distension, *diarrhea, dysentery, *constipation, borborygmus, asthma, post-stroke paralysis, local pain/numbness/ROM- *lower leg, *digestive pnt
ST 37
Shang Ju Xu
Actions: transforms *phlegm and dampness, clears chest, stops cough/wheezing, clear heat, calms shen, open channel, alleviates pain

Indications: *phlegm, pain, congestion in chest, cough, asthma, h/a, dizziness, n/v, constipation, mania, epilepsy, numbness/pain/ROM, lower extremities, *ST pnt
ST 40
Feng Long
Actions: clears heat, stops pain, harmonizes MJ, regulates qi.

Indications: face pain, eye pain, t/a, epistaxis, sore throat, febrile disease, thirst, epigastric pain, reflux, dysentery, diarrhea, constipation, local pain/swell of dorsum of foot
ST 44
Actions: opens channel, alleviates pain, clears heat, cools the blood

Indications: lower back pain
pain and motor impairment of
the hip, leg, and knee, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, febrile disease, difficult urination, nose bleed, itching
Bend Middle
He-Sea Point (Earth)