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of the drum
through his hands
taken off
so he
through his feet
he feels
on a field trip
is taking him
onto the bus
they wonder
onto the bus
to his friends
to his friend
a new drum
I got one, too
gave me
to get off the buss
go inside
over the city
to the concert
in front of
in the first row
to their seats
a friend of mine
such as
who plays
to applaud
to the audience
feel the music
in surprise
has no shoes
of his students
his black bag
beautiful balloons
they'll help
to the next
to make a sound
pick up
at the age
I was deaf
what did you do
I became
concert is over
will tell
found out
lost my hearning
what did you do
has to get ready
thank you
have to go
after a while
on the way home
it was so much fun
over the city