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What applications make the MOS track?
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Outlook
MS Access
What is the defined expert skillset for MS Word?
Formatting Content
Create custom styles for text, tables, and lists
Control pagination
Format, position, and resize graphics using advanced layout features
Insert and modify objects
Create and modify diagrams and charts using data from other sources

Organizing Content
Sort content in lists and tables
Perform calculations in tables
Modify table formats
Summarize document content using automated tools
Use automated tools for document navigation
Merge letters with other data sources
Merge labels with other data sources
Structure documents using XML

Formatting Documents
Create and modify forms
Create and modify document background
Create and modify document indexes and tables
Insert and modify endnotes, footnotes, captions, and cross-references
Create and manage master documents and subdocuments

Modify tracked changes options
Publish and edit Web documents
Manage document versions
Protect and restrict forms and documents
Attach digital signatures to documents
Customize document properties

Customizing Microsoft Word
Create, edit, and run macros
Customize menus and toolbars
Modify Word default settings
What is the defined expert skillset for MS Powerpoint?
Creating Content
Create new presentations from templates
Insert and edit text-based content
Insert tables, charts, and diagrams
Insert pictures, shapes, and graphics
Insert objects

Formatting Content
Format text-based content
Format pictures, shapes, and graphics
Format slides
Apply animation schemes
Apply slide transitions
Customize slide templates
Work with masters

Track, accept, and reject changes in a presentation
Add, edit, and delete comments in a presentation
Compare and merge presentations

Managing and Delivering Presentations
Organize a presentation
Set up slide shows for delivery
Rehearse timing
Deliver presentations
Prepare presentations for remote delivery
Save and publish presentations
Print slides, outlines, handouts, and speaker notes
Export a presentation to another Microsoft Office program
What is the defined expert skillset for MS Excel?
Organizing and Analyzing Data
Use subtotals
Define and apply advanced filters
Group and outline data
Use data validation
Create and modify list ranges
Add, show, close, edit, merge, and summarize scenarios
Perform data analysis using automated tools
Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports
Use Lookup and Reference functions
Use Database functions
Trace formula precedents, dependents, and errors
Locate invalid data and formulas
Watch and evaluate formulas
Define, modify, and use named ranges
Structure workbooks using XML

Formatting Data and Content
Create and modify custom data formats
Use conditional formatting
Format and resize graphics
Format charts and diagrams

Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks
Apply workbook security settings
Share workbooks
Merge workbooks
Track, accept, and reject changes to workbooks

Managing Data and Workbooks
Import data to Excel
Export data from Excel
Publish and edit Web worksheets and workbooks
Create and edit templates
Consolidate data
Define and modify workbook properties

Customizing Excel
Customize toolbars and menus
Create, edit, and run macros
Modify Excel default settings
What is the defined expert skillset for MS Outlook?
Originate and respond to e-mail and instant messages
Attach files to items
Create and modify a personal signature for messages
Modify e-mail message settings and delivery options
Create and edit contacts
Accept, decline, and delegate tasks

Create and modify appointments, meetings, and events
Update, cancel, and respond to meeting requests
Customize Calendar settings
Create, modify, and assign tasks

Create and modify distribution lists
Link contacts to other items
Create and modify notes
Organize items
Organize items using folders
Search for items
Save items in different file formats
Assign items to categories
Preview and print items
What is the defined expert skillset for MS Access?
Structuring Databases
Create Microsoft Access databases
Create and modify tables
Define and modify field types
Modify field properties
Create and modify one-to-many relationships
Enforce referential integrity
Create and modify queries
Create forms
Add and modify form controls and properties
Create reports
Add and modify report control properties
Create a data access page

Entering Data
Enter, edit, and delete records
Find and move among records
Import data to Access

Organizing Data
Create and modify calculated fields and aggregate functions
Modify form layout
Modify report layout and page setup
Format datasheets
Sort records
Filter records

Managing Databases
Identify object dependencies
View objects and object data in other views
Print database objects and data
Export data from Access
Back up a database
Compact and repair databases
What is the defined expert skill set for MS Project 2002?
Define the Project
Define scheduling properties.
Set and modify Microsoft Project options.
Define and Modify Tasks
Define general working times.
List the tasks in the project.
Organize tasks.
Schedule tasks.
Add and organize task information.
Specify and Assign Resources
Specify resources for the project.
Define working time and availability for resources.
Assign resources to tasks.
Track Progress
Prepare to compare with later versions.
Incorporate progress into the project.
Check progress.
Control progress.
View and Report Project Status
Select and modify views.
Select and modify reports.
View critical tasks.
View allocation of resources.
View project costs.
Share project information with other applications.
Publish project information to the Web.
Manage Multiple Projects
Work with master and subprojects.
Work with a resource pool.