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Define Law
The enforceable body of rules which governs a society.
What is Common Law?
Common law referws to court-based, judge made laws. Derives its authority from hisotrical customs and the decisions of judges origniallyh settling disputes. -- important concept state decisis. --fused with courts of equity-- principles of equity take priority.

-- unifomity created as a result of stare decisis ( courts follow former similar decisions)
What is stare decisis
"let the former decision stand"
What is Statute Law?
It is the body of law made by our government representatives in the federal parliament provincial legislature, or municipal council.
-- municipal power carved out of provinical power
- used to change the common law
What are the two major categories into which the different areas of law fall?
cival law and public law

--- cival law covers those types of law that dal with aspects of relationships between indivduals that are of no direct concern to the tstate. --ex. divorce

public law--- comprises those areas of law that deal with the constitution and bodies of government and ther relatioship between individuals and the stae
There are two cival courts. What are they??
the small claims court and supreme court.

small claims: deal with cliams of $25,000 OR LESS.

LOOK at fig 2 on page 1. 6
Discuss Limitation Period
primarily contained within the BC limitation act. -- an action in tort must be commenced within two years of the dat on which the right to do so arose, an action in contract, wic does not involve physical injusry to person or property, bust be brought no later than 6 yers after the date on which the right to do so arose.