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What are reparations? What country was affected by them and why?
Repaying economic costs of war. Germany had to pay #33 billion to the Allies and give up some of its colonies because it started the war
What was the Bolshevik RUssion revolution and what did it do for the war?
The Bolsheviks, a group in Russia, got rid of the emperor, became a Socialist Republic and then the U.S. was ready to join the war because of this
What was the Espionage Act?
The Espionage Act made it illegal to interfere with the draft through the Selective Service Act
What did Congress decide about joining the League of Nations and why did they come to this decision?
They voted against joining the League of Nations because it might cause the U.S. to have to be involved in foreign wars.
List the Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria
List the Allied Powers
British Empire, Russia, France, Italy, and United States
What were Liberty Bonds and what were they used for?
Liberty Bonds were government bonds sold to people to finance or raise money for the war
LIst three ways the U.S. government conserved during the war.
Government took control of production and distribution of food and fuel.
People did not waste food
There was rationing of food and fuel to keep more available for the war effort
What were the jobs of African American soldiers during the war and why did they have these jobs?
The African Americans had menial or unimportant jobs because the white soldiers were prejudice and didn't want to fight along side of the African Americans.