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Supporter or follower of a cause.

Several adherents of the faith traveled to faraway nigeria to spread the gospel

Adherent to the crusades, many christians fought against the muslims.
payment given for wrongdoing
The king was required to make a pilgrimage as atonement for his sin.

After 4 years of procrastinating, I am atoning for it
Set down as a rule.
After students started wearing cut-off jeans, a new school dress code was perscribed by the principle.

My father has perscribed that I will not go to UoA
Speak irrevently; curse
To blaspheme against god is in some islamic countries, punishable by death.

Though shalt never blaspheme against god.
Banish; exclude; reject
Puritan New England, followers of Catholicism and the Quaker faith were often ostracized.
My friend was ostracised from the group when we found out that she was pregnant.
"I marvel at what the lord hath wrought"
The lord hath wrought the world a good deed by giving us freedom.
The boys were debarred from going to the library because they routinely made a lot of noise in there.
I was excluded from the book club meeting because I forgot to bring my book.
Attack; cause harm to; annoy.
In medieval times in Europe travel between cities was dangerous because there were many thieves on the roads, waiting to molest unsuspecting travelers

The little girl was molested by her uncle when her parents allowed him to babysit her.
Thick part of an underground stem.
Potatoes and yams are both type of tubers.
As I pulled the tuber from the ground, I could smell its onion smell.
Chemically change into an alcoholic substance.
If you leave the juice sitting out too long, it will start to ferment and go bad.

If you let lettuce freeze over, it will start to ferment and taste bad.
Unable to be repaired or remedied.
Ian was told that no matter what mistake he made, no situation was irreparable.

My broken heart at this moment, is irrepearable.
Admit as a member; teach the fundamentals.
Some cultures initiate youths into manhood or womanhood to mark a rite of passage

At the rainbow meeting on monday we initated a new girl into the assembly
Recovering strength quickly.
His thesis was that cartoon chracters, who can survive almost any disaster, are more resilient than cockroaches

The resilient fighter quickly got back up on his feet after being punched in the face.
Tending to rise; not easily depressed; cheerful.
Carly was in a buoyant meet; she smiled at everyone as she passed.

I used to be a very nice girl; but now my buoyant mood will change.
Something that humiliates, insults, or injures selfrespect.
Tony found that trying out for the play and not getting the part was not as the indignity of everyone knowing he had not succeeded.

If I don't get into Fayettville then it will be a great indignity on my part.