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Decision Tree
Research question, type of variables, types of data
Parametric Tests
used to test hypothesis about certain population parametrics such as means, variances, differences, etc.
Non-Parametric Tests
"distribution-free" less regulations
t test
parametric test used to assess the differences btwn two means when data are scaled on an interval or ration scale.
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
to tested the difference between group means
relationship between scores- statistically
chi square
non-parametric inferential stat test assessing difference btwn observed and expected frequency (nominally or frequencies)
Calculated Value
The acutal value
Critical value
levels by which something is statistically significant
Measures of central tendency
mean, median, mode
Measures of a Normal Distribution
symmetrical bell shape - to which the scores vary around the central tendency

68% falls btwn -1 and 1 mean, median, mode are equal
Values are represented by 2 scores