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Battle of Trenton
a 1776 battle in New Jersy in which George Washington's troops captured a Hessian encampent
Battle of Yorktown
a 1781 American victory in Virgina that forced the British to surrender
Why was the French and Indian War fought where was it fought and the result?
it was fought over the Ohio River Valley, fought in Ohio, the result was that Britan got the Ohio river valley
Checks and Balances
a principal of the U.S. Constitution that gives each branch of gov't the power to check other branches
to reject, as when the president rejects a law passed by congress
Seperation Of Power
principle by which the powers of gov't are divided among seperate branches
introduction to a declaration, constitution, or other official document
to change
to over rule, as when congress overrules a presidentila veto
not permitted by the constitution
act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
group of officials who head government departments and advise the president1
3 parts of the Decleration of Independance
-natural rights- rights that belong to all people from birth
-british wrongs
-announces that they are independent