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What is the spinal cord?
the thick column of nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves in the PNS
What is the course of a nerve impulse?
through spinal cord>brain that directs response>spinal cord>PNS
What are the types of neurons in your brain?
Describe the brains structure.
-3 connective tissue layers cover
-in between outermost layer and middle layer is a watery fluid that protect brain from injury
-surrounded by skull
How many regions does the brain have and what are they?
three: cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem
What is the cerebrum?
the largest interprets iput from the senses, controls movemnet of skeletal muscles, and carries out complex mental processes
has two halves:right and left
What does the right half of the cerebrum do?
contains neurons that send impulses to skeletal muscles on the left side of the body
-controls artistic ability and creativity
What does the left half or youyr cerebrum do?
controls the right half of your body
-controls mathmatical skills, speech, writing and logical thinking
What is the cerebellum?
the second largest part of your brain that coordinates the actions of your muscles and helps keep your balance
What is the brainstem?
lies between cerebellum and spinal cord
controls your bodys involuntary actions(breathing and heartbeat)
What is your vertebral column and spinal cord?
-center of back
-vertebral column surrounds/protects spinal cord
- spinal cord is a link between brain and PNS
-protected by a watery fluid
Wha does the PNS consist of?
a network of nerves that branch out from the CNS and connect it to the rest of the body