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What is required for the Active transport process?
What moves across a _____ membrane to the side with the highest concentration of solutes?
What i reached through osmosis and indicates a net zero movement of h20 molecules
An isotomic condition
What are organisms that cannot make their own food; they need to east
What uses oxygen to convert chemical energy stored in organic molecules into ATP
Cellular respiration
What does ATP consist of
adenine, ribose and a triphosphoate tail
What is released when a phosphate group is removed from ATP?
Why are cellulr respiration and photosynthesis opposite porcesses?
Because photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and cellular respiration produces it
What is released during cellular respiration?
Energy (atp)
What are the reactants in cellular respiration?
Glucose and oxygen
What is a product of cellular respiration
A process that requires oxygen is said to be
What uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxied into oxygen and sugars?
Why do plants appear green?
Because cholorphyll does not absorb green light
The ___ and ___ regions of th evisible spectrum are absorbed by chlorophyl, while the _____ regions are not.
red, blue ......... green