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alien and sedition acts
a series of laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigratns the U.S
war of 1812
britain formed naval blockades
war hawks
members of congress who favoured war with britain in the early 1800s
clay, calhoun, and webster
leaders of the war hawks
members of the political party formed in 1834 to oppose the policies of andrew jackson.
members of the political party that supported thomas jefferson's vision of strong state government
era of good feeling
after war of 1812, monroe elected, no partisan disputes, international tensions were relaxed
missouri compromise
a series of laws enacted in 1820 to maintain the balance of power between slave and free states
the placing of the interest of one's own region ahead of the interest of the nation as a whole
a belief that national interests should be placed ahead of regional concerns and that foreign policy shoould be guided by national self-interest
monroe doctrine
a policy of u/s opposition to any european interference in the affairs of the western hemisphere, announced bt pres monroe in 1823
lousiana purchase
that 1803 purchase by the u.s from france's lousiana territory-extending from the mississippi river to the rocky mountains. cost $15 million
florida purchase
Adams-Onís Treaty
spain ceded florida to the u.s
lewis and clark
explored lousiana territory
the forcible seizure of men for military service