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Cross 1991
Black Racial (Nigrescence) Identity Development Model
Nigrescence Model Theory
That identity development is directly linked to racial oppresion
Stage 1 of Nigrescence
Preencounter: Whites are seen as ideal while AA are denigrated.
Stage 2 of Nigrescence
Encounter: Exposure to a race related event leads to greater cultural awareness and an interest in AA identity
Stage 3 of Nigrescence
Immersion/Emersion: Struggle between old and emerging ideas about race. Initiall immersed in AA identity and denigrates whites. At end is less emersed and moves toward a new identity
Stage 4 of Nigrescence
Internalization/Commitment: Adopts an AA world view and works to end racism. Will exhibity healthy cultural paranoia
Stages of Nigrescence Identity Development Model
1) Preencounter
2) Encounter
3) Immersion/Emersion
4) Internalization/Commitment