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how do you determine composition when given molecular formula
assume 1 mole, convert moles to grams, find total mass, divide
How do you prove cannot be compund when given total mass, mass of x and y, but not z?
convert grams of product to moles, compare mole to mole ratio, determine mass (for later), subtract grams of x and y from total to get grams of z, take grams of z and get moles, find percent composition and compare to compound
If given percents of x and y and z how do you prove it cannot be compund xyz?
compare percent composition to xyz
How do you determine empirical formula from percents?
assume 100 grams sample, convert to moles to grams, convert grams to moles, divide by the smallest
How do you determine molecular formula form empiricial?
Add up mass of each, multiply by ration
How do you get the emprical formula when x grams are combusted to produce y grams of product and z grams of product?
convert grams of product to moles, compare mole to mole ratio, get moles and convert to grams, subtract grams from original, get moles from grams, divide by smallest
How do find grams produced if given grams of reactant?
Convert grams to moles, find mole to mole ratio, go to grams
how do you determine mass if given mass of both reactants?
figure out which is limiting, by converting g to moles, compare mole to mole ratio, get grams
How do you figure out mass of product if given grams of sample and ML of sample?
figure our grams by converting to moles, comparing mole to mole ratio, convert to grams, for mL use density to get grams, convert grams to mole, mole to mole ratio, back to grams
How do you calc the percent by mass in a gaseous mixture?
figure out total mass of the gas mixture taking into consideration moles of each,figure out mass of desired and divide
If given two products that equal a total, and given the total mass of a certain product produced, how do you determine the amounts of each product in the original sample?
assign each product x or y which will equal total starting mass, find "grams of product" by putting an x or y in front, convert to moles, compare mole to mole ratio of product, get grams in terms of number/x/y, set up equation using final volume, use both equations and solve
If given final molarity in total solution (from two combined) how do you find mass of each in original?
find grams in total solution,