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ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsus
to burn, be eager
arma, -orum, n.
arms, equipment, tools
arvum, -i, n.
plowed land, field, region
arx, arcis, f.
citadel, fort; height, hill
at, ast
but, yet, however, at least
ater, atra, atrum
black, gloomy, deadly
atque, ac
and, also; as, than
audio, audire, audivi (ii), auditus
to hear (of), hearken
aura, -ae, f.
breeze, air; favor; light
aurum, -i, n.
gold (object, equipment)

or, either

bellum, i, n.
war(fare), combat, fight
caelum, -i, n.
sky, heaven; weather
campus, -i, m.
plain, field, level surface
capio, capere, cepi, captus
to take, seize, catch; captivate ; deceive; occupy
caput, -itis, n.
head; summit; life, person
casus, -us, m.
chance, (mis)fortune; fall
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretus
to discern, perceive, understand, decide; fight
around, about, at, near (acc.)
clamor, -oris, m.
shout, roar, applause
comes, -itis, m. (f.)
comrade, follower
conjunx, -jugis, m. (f.)
body, corpse, form
cum (conj.)
when, while, since, although
cum (prep.)
with (abl.)
cunctus, a, um
all, whole, entire
cura, -ae, f.
care, anxiety, grief; love
cursus, -us, m.
course, running; haste