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Jus Ad Bellum
Guidelines and considerations which are relevant to decide whether or not to go to war
Jus In Bello
Proper conduct in waging war
Difference between terminal sedation and euthanasia
TS does not require death of a patient, where AE does
Human genetic enhancement problematic from Christians
Socialstratification, child his self
Four major Bioethical Principles
Autonomy, beneficences, nonmalefiance, justice
type of justice
order, retribution, deterrent, rehab
Abolishing capital punishment
cycle of violence, human dignity, link to innocent human suffering, jesus
Pataki's reason
deterrent, criminal is inhuman
C.P. morally problematic
no reform, error is possible, delay, who does the killing, stirs up unhealthy debate, unfair/discriminatory
justification for marriage
1 man and 1 woman (Genesis), marriage is directly related & constitutive of creation
two dimensions of marriage
2 become 1 (unitive), be fruitful (procreative)
catholic church no marriage
jesus taught no divorce
pauline privilege
allows marriage to dissolve
justification of Liberation theology
10 commandments
two dimensions of human relationships
vertical and horizantal
types of theologies
marginalization and commodification
critiques of Liberation theology
resembles Marxism and emphasizes a horizantal to the neglect of the vertical