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the mouth of a person or animal
хүн, амьтны ам
oral literature, folk literature
аман зохиол
mouth-organ, harmonica; Jew's harp
аман хуур
atlas, first cervical vertebra*
аман хүзүү
to be runner-up (esp. horse racing)*
аман хүзүүдэх
napkin or tissue*
амны цаас
peanuts, a mere trifle
аманд ч үгүй хамарт ч үгүй
to ask teasingly, to needle
ам асуух
family member*
ам бүл
a person who can keep a secret*
ам бөхтэй хүн
to suffocate
to mimic, to copy, to lip sync
ам барих
to regret, to be sorry
амаа барих
to get nowhere, to feel let down*
амаа бузарлах
to promise
to speak out against, to confront
to boast, to brag, to show off*
ам гарах
to do as one is told
ам дагах
ам дөрвөлжин
just in time, barely, just about, only just*
ам мөлтөс
to fall out (with)*
ам муруйх
to have the same idea or opinion, to agree
ам нийлэх
to start talking, to say
ам нээх
chatty, garrulous
ам султай
to shut (someone) up, to fob (someone) off*
ам таглах
to eat; to be provided for*
ам тосдох
to cut in, to interrupt*
ам уралдах
to get excited
to get tipsy*
ам халах
to pay attention to what someone says*
ам харах
to eat*
ам хөдөлгөх
to taste, to try*
ам хүрэх
to come to an agreement*
ам хэлээ ололцох
lucky, fortunate*
амны хишигтэй
to be thirsty
ам цангах
a mountain side
уулын ам
mouth of a sack
уутны ам
the open fold of a ceremonial scarf*
хадагны ам
to get an undertaking
to take on, to challenge (wrestling)*
ам авах
population; head of population
хүн ам