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an eye
the holes on domino pieces*
даалууны нүд
a person with an eye for livestock (good at knowing or recognizing the qualities of an animal)*
малд нүдтэй хүн
broad, extensive, hard to take in*
нүд алдам
to close one's eyes, to die*
нүдээ аних
a disgrace, object of scorn*
нүдний булай
to be ravishing, to be delightful*
нүд булаах
to look haggard, to look gaunt, to look drawn*
нүднээс гарах
extremely rare*
нүдний гэм
out of sight, unseen
нүд далд
attractive, likable*
нүдэнд дулаан
pleasant, pleasing, attractive*
нүд дүүрэн
to wink
нүд ирмэх
in the twinkling of an eye*
нүд ирмэх зуур
to turn out right, to fit the case*
нүдээ олох
to gain knowledge and experience
нүд тайлах
to look askance at, to have it in for, to pick on, to get at*
нүд үзүүрлэх
to be unable to look at something
нүд хальтрах
to feast one’s eyes, to enjoy looking
нүд хужирлах
to deceive, to pull the wool over someone’s eyes
нүд хуурах
to have a nap, to doze off
нүдний хор гаргах
to blink*
нүд цавчих
to be bleary eyed*
нүд чилэх
нүдний шил
an eye specialist
нүдний эмч
sensitive spot below the kneecap*
өвдөгийн нүд
үхрийн нүд
the square holes in the wall lattice of a Mongolian ger
ханын нүд
table drawer*
ширээний нүд