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To tease or torment someone by keeping something they want just out of reach.
to tantalize
What story is the word 'tantalize' is based on?
This word is related to Tantalus, a king in Greek mythology who, as punishment for his crimes, had to stand in water which receded each time he stooped to drink it, overhung by grapes that drew back when he tried to reach them.
If I take yor arms (i.e weapons) away, what do I do to you in one word?
You 'disarm' me.
If I decapitate you, what do I do to you?
You cut off my head.
He was extremely angry with her and was about to take legal action against her, but she ... him with a charming smile.
Aids is decimating the population. What is it doing?
It is destroying them. More percisely, it is killing 10 out of each hundred. To remember the meaning of 'decimate',remember the 'decimal' system.
He thinks that women are no damn good. Perhaps because he had a bad experience with a woman or was wounded by her, he has developed fear, suspicion or hatred fro all women. In one word, he is a ...

mis= not or aginst
gyn= Greek word for 'woman' as in 'Gynecologist'
He hates mankind in general or has strong suspcicions of them, thinking that they are no damn good. In a word, he is a ...

mis= not, against
anthrope= Greek word for 'human' remember the word 'Anthropology' which means the sutudy of human beings, the origin of thier cultures, habits etc.
This science studies living things, how they grow and develop, including plants, insects and human beings. It is the science of life. In a word, it is ...
The greek word for life is ...
The greek word for science is
biology is made of two words, what is the meaning of each?
bio: life+ logy: science= biolgoy: the science of life
What is the Greek word for 'mind'?
What is the Gree word for the science of the mind?
pschology: psyche+logy.