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Parde Island
southern tip of texas,near sea level
a long thin strip of land covered with sand dunes,is a barrier island
Edward's Plateau
"Hill country"
covered with small trees and brush
hills on the rim of the plateau were formed by streamscutting and smothing over the plateau's edge
balcone's escarpment
formed by earth quake
about south of mid texas
caprock escarpment
northern most tip of texas
very hilly
Guadalupe peak
hidhest peek in texas
part of guadelupe mont. national park
8749feet above sea level
west texas
palo duro canyon
panhandle texas
native americans used this canyon as a home
now located in state park reigon of canyons
middle latitude's affect on climate
mild winters
definate seasons
gulf's affect on climate in texas
violent storms (tormadoes and thunder storms)
moist breezes

spanish just wanted land and wanted native americans to be slaves and teach them thier ways
french traded with the natives let them be and did no steel land
spain abondonment in east texas
not enough wealth or power to maintain and defend the missions
mexican independance
what were the contributions spain made to texas culture
language religion and way of life
what problems began to arise between mexico and texas
mexico was ignoring them and they finally noticed texas was doing everything wrong when they werre really doing everything right and tried to change it and started a revoulution
"Decleration of the people of texas in general conintion assembled"
the same as the decleration of independecnce except for the fact that slavery is allowed
steven F. Austin visit to mexico city
he went to see if texas could get seprate state hood and all this other stuff and he got imprissoed for a letter
william B. travis

james bowie

Davy crockett
an army of 30 men defited by Urrea
lead 25 texans from goliad to the alamo
arrived with 12 volenteers to help fight
strenght and weeknesses of the almo
wall 2 to 3 feet thick 12 feet high, 20 cannonsand 1 powerful 18-pounder plenty of food
to big had a hole in the back and had 100 or so men
out come of battle
Texas won
why did general urrea order the exicution of all texas soldiers
because if they weren't exicuted he was afraid they would commit treason again
importance of remember goliad
the defeats in south texas further convinced general houstonthat he must not allowhis forces to be seprated ever again
what are the 2 major parts of the texas decleration of independance
that the gov't. of santa anna had violated the liberties garentied under the mex. constitutionand thatthe texans had been deprived of petition and to have tier own way of life
compare and contrast the u.s. constitution and the texas constitution written in 1836
they are similar except for privisions were made for the 3 branches of gov't.
the constitution contained the bill of rghts guarenteeing freedom of speach, freedom of press, freedom of religion, trial by the jury and othe basic civil rights