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What is an Internal Test?
It simply tests the to see weither or not the document is in question internally consistent.
What is an External Test?
It asks the question : does the document contradict other know historical facts.
What is a Biblographic Test
This test tries to determine whether or know the copies are really true to the origanal.
What was Aristototle' Dictum
That the bennifit of the doubt is to be given to the document itself,not assignedby the critic to himself.
What are Supporting Documents?
A document that is used support the validity of the document in intrest.
What was the Known age?
The age of an artifact as determined dy the date printed on it or a reference to the artifact in a work of history.
What is Dendrochronology?
The Process of counting tree rings to determine the age of a tree
What is Radiometric Dating?
Using a radioactive process to determine the age of an item.