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In a urinalysis test, what color is considered normal?
normal color is yellow (amber) or straw-color.
In a urinalysis test what does colorless or pale urine indicate?
indicates a large amount of water.
In a urinalysis test, what is Ketone bodies?
result of breakdown of fat catabolism in cells
In urinalysis, what is bilirubin and what does it indicate?
Bilirubin is a pigment substance from hemoglobin (RBC) breakdown, which may make urine darker in color.
This indicates liver or gallbladder disease.
In a urinalysis test what does a smoky red or brown colored urine indicate?
indicates the presence of blood.
If protein is dectected in a Urinalysis, what does this mean?
If dectected, could be albumin which is an abnormal constituent of urine.
In a urinalysis test, what are casts?
microscopic pieces of tissue sometines found in urine.
In a urinalysis test what does pH pretain to?
its the chemical nature of urine showing the degree of acid or alkaline found in urine.
In a urinalysis test, what is Glucose?
its the sugar content in urine.
In a urinalysis test, what does the presence of pus mean?
pus (pyuria) gives a cloudy appearence to urine indicating infection.
What is Urinalysis?
It is the examination of urine to determine the presence of abnormal elements, which may indicate various pathological conditions.
In a urinalysis test can protein be found?
Yes, usually found in urine but not decteced.
In a urinalysis test, what does specific gravity mean?
reflects amount of wastes, minerals, and solids in urine.
In urinalysis, what is a Phenylketonuria (PKU) test?
This test is done on newborns to detect problems congenital. A congenital, autosomal recessive disease marked by failure to metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine to tyrosine.
It results in severe neurological deficits in infancy if it is unrecognized or left untreated.In this disease, phenylalanine and its byproducts accumulate in the body, esp. in the nervous system, where they cause severe mental retardation (IQ test results often below 40), seizure disorders, tremors, gait disturbances, coordination deficits, and psychotic or autistic behaviors.