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What 7 tasks are administered with the RSA NW Administrator Software?
-System Licensing
-System Configuration
-Health Monitoring
-Performance Monitoring
-Data Processing Configuration
-Data Procession Monitoring
-Capture Management
What 4 options are available in the "Add Network Service" dialog?
-Connect to Serice Hierarchy
-Save Password
What are 4 common tasks in the Appliance Task List?
-Setting the base configuration - Identity and time setting
-Start / Stop NW services
-Extenal Storage Monitoring
-Reboot or power down
What are three things are monitored in Appliance Management Monitoring?
-Status of the System Storage Drives
-Appliance Temperature
-Harware Statistics
What is the file extension of the Netwitness License Key?
Where would you get the computer ID to request your Netwitness License?
Appliance Management Task> System View
What is the default system administrator password?
What are three Default Administrator Groups?
How do you access the User Management Console?
From Administrator; Edit > Users and Groups
How can I see all appliances currently being administered through Netwitness and all users on all devices?
From the User Management Console
*What type of user group only has administrative access but no access to captured content?
Operators Group
* What does the Query Level User Setting do?
Sets how long a query will run before it times out.
*What are the three Query Levels in the User Settings?
-Level 1 - 20 Minutes
-Level 2 - 40 Minutes
-Level 3 - 60 Minutes