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es lo de menos
it makes no difference, that's the least of trouble
estamos a mano
we are even, quits
estar al corriente de
to be informed, to be up to date
estar en un aprieto
to be in a jam, to be in trouble
fuera de broma
all joking aside
hay moros en la costa
something is wrong, the coast is not clear
llevar la cuenta
to keep track of
llevarse un chasco
to be dissapointed
matar a dos pajaros de un tiron
to kill two birds w/ one stone, to do two things at once
meterse en un lio
to get oneself in a mess/trouble
no caer(le) bien
to displease, not to be liked by someone
no estar de bien humor
to be out of shorts, not in a laughing mood
no hay mas remedio que
there is no other way to; theres nothing to do except..
no saber ni jota
not to know anything
no ser cosa de juego
not to be a laughing matter, to be serious
!otra, otra!
pasar como un relampago
to flash by
pasar por alto
to omit, overlook
perder la razon
to lose one's mind
perderse de vista
to vanish, to be lost from view, to drop out of sight