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a causa ed
because of
a la vex
at the same time
a menudo
Often, frequently
a pesar de
in spite of
a tiempo
on time
ahora mismo
right now
al dia siguiente
the following day
carecer de
to lack
dar con
to meet up with; to come upon
dar un paseo
to take a walk
dar por sentado
to take for granted
darse cuenta de
to realize
de acuerdo
in agreement; agreed; OK
de buena/mala gana
de golpe
de hecho
in fact
de memoria
by heart; for memory
de nuevo
de repente
de veras
really; truly
de vez encuando
once in a while
en seguida
at once; immediately
en vez de
instead of
to lack
hace mucho tiemp
a long time ago; long ago
hacer caso de
to pay attention to
hacer un papel
to play a role
to succeed in; to achieve; to attain
llevar a cabo
to carry out; to accomplish
pensar de
to think about; to have an opinion about
pensar en
to think about; to consider
por lo menos
at least
por lo visto
apparently; evidently
por supuesto
of course
querer decir
to mean
raras veces
sin embargo
sobre todo
above all
soñar con
to dream about
tan pronto como (sea) posible
as soon as possible
tardar en + inf -
to delay; to be long in
tener ganas de + inf.
to feel like doing something
tratarse de
to be about
¡y ya!
that's it