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True or False, Kings could rule by "divine right" during this time
True or False, Nationalism was the call of the day.
What was the core emphasis of the political upheaval that occurred?
individual and national rights of men
What laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution?
neoclassic rationalism
Who wrote the Wealth of Nations?
Adam Smith
True or False, Smith advocated economic individualism without any form of governmental control.
What lead Karl Marx to formulate the theories of socialism in Das Kapital?
exploitation of the worker
The Industrial Revolution owes much of its success to the development of what?
the steam engine
Who developed the steam engine?
James Watt
When did biology become a recognized area of study?
shortly after 1800
In the 1820's Auguste Comte divided history into what three periods?
the religious-superstitious, the philosophical, and the scientific positivistic
What religion had produced in the Middle Ages, _________ now performed for the nineteenth century.
Where did most of the philosophical thinking of the late 18th and 19th centuries occur?
What was the name of the philosophical movement in Germany, and what was its aim?
Strum and Drang (Storm and Stress), and its aim was to overthrow rationalism
The cult of nature replaced ________.
________'s emphasis on the individual and power of inspiration added fuel to the already raging fire against Rationalism.
What are the characteristics of Romantic thinking?
Sentimentality, individualism, nature
Where did the Romantics feel that the riddle of man must find its answer?
the heart
What do the Romantic writers present love as?
a rather unhappy condition, but holds the most meaningful experiences to encounter
What did the romantics consider nature to be?
the physical world apart from human achievements