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1) Establish the project initiation team
2) Establish a relationship with the customer
3) Establish the project initiation plan
4) Establish management procedures
5) Establish management environment and workbook
What are the 5 steps to initiating a project?
1) Management
2) Leadership
3) Technical
4) Problem Solving
5) Conflict Management
6) Customer Relations
7) Team Management
8) Risk and Change Management
What are the 8 activities of a project manager?
The requirements for termination have been met
Natural termination
The project is simply stopped
Unnatural Termination
Determine the strengths and weaknesses of:
1) Project deliverables
2) Project management process
3) Development process
Post project reviews for termination
The final step in project termination
Close the customer contract
Useful for depicting simple projects or parts of large projects

Shows start and completion dates for individual tasks
Gannt Chart
Shows project activities and their inter-relationships through the order of activities explicitly indicating predecessor and successor activities.
PERT Chart
1) Visually shows dependencies between tasks
2) Visually shows which tasks can be done in parallel
3) Shows slack time by data triangles
PERT chart
1) Visually shows duration of tasks
2) Visually shows time overlap between tasks
3) Visually shows slack time and earliest start and latest finish time
Gantt chart
The amount of time that an activity can be delayed without effecting the project completion date
Slack time
Where slack time = 0 for all activities
Critical Path
How to calculate Te
1) Go left to right, adding in ET as you go
2) If two arrows point to the same activity, use the larger of the two previous Te in the calculation
Determining Tl
1) Go from right to left, subtracting ET as you go
2) If two arrows are going out of an activity, do both calculations and choose the smallest.
1) Acquire and assign resources
2) Train new team members
3) Keep project on schedule
Executing the Baseline Project Plan
Adjusting resources, budget and/or activities
Monitoring the progress of the execution of a project
Calculating expected time:
ET, o, r, p
ET = (o+4r+p)/6

ET = Estimated time for project completion
o = optimistic time
r = realistic time
p = pessimistic time
Graphical representation of a project that shows each task as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to its time of completion
Gannt Charts
1) What problem or opportunity does this project address?
2) What needs to be done?
3) What results are to be achieved?
4) How will success be measured?
5) What are the completion criteria?
What are the 5 questions to be asked in step 1 of planning the project?
problem, needs, results, success, completion
Used as an orientation tool for team members and Maintains history of the project
Project workbook
A planned undertaking of related activities to reach an objective that has a beginning and an end
A Project
Process of defining, planning, directing, monitoring, and controlling the development of an acceptable system within a specified time frame.
Project Management
Ensuring that the info system projects meet customer expectations and is delivered within budget and time constraints
The Focus of Project Management
Outline communication processes among customers, team members and management
Developing the communication plan
How do we assure high quality systems? How do we train new team members?
Determining project standards and procedures
Identifying risks and estimating consequences happen where?
project planning
What are the four phases of a project?
1) Initiation
2) Planning
3) Execution
4) Closing Down
Creating a budget happens in
project planning
describing what the project will deliver and its duration
project planning
1) Slipped completion dates
2) Changes in personnel
3) New activities
4) Bungled activities
Managing changes to Baseline Project Plan
Dividing the project into manageable tasks, use gantt and pert charts, then estimate the resources and create a resource plan
Project planning
Estimating the project's tasks and resource requirements
Setting a Baseline Project Plan