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1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
(1933-1945) Democrat
-ending the Great Depression
-elected 4 times-died in office
-WWII (1941-1945)
2. Harry S. Truman
(1945-1953) Democrat
-droping atomic bomb on Japan
3. Dwight D. Eisenhower
(1953- 1961) Republican
-commander of military during WWII
-Korean War
4. John F. Kennedy
(1961- 1963) Democrat
-assasinated (1963)
-cuban missle crisis
-"Bay of Pigs"-trying to kill Castro
5. Lyndon B. Johnson
(1963- !969) Democrat
- "Great Society"
- Vietnam, escalating troops
6. Richard M. Nixon
(1969- 1971) Republican
-Watergate Scandal
-Ended Vietnam
7. Gerald R. Ford
(1974- 1977) Republican
-nominated by the 25th amendmand
-1st day in office, pardoned Nixon
-fell a lot!
8. James E. Carter
(1977- 1981) Democrat
-Govenor of Georgia
-Habitat for Humanity
-Iran Hostage Crisis
9. Ronald W. Regan
(1981-1989) Republican
-govenor of california
-oldest presidentat the time
-Salt Treaty
-Star Wars Defense Package
10. George H.W. Bush
(1989- 1993) Republican
-Desert Storm
11. William J. Clinton
(1993-2001) Democrat
-govenor of arkansas
-sex scandals
-balancing budget
12. George W. Bush
(2001-2009) Republican
-govenor of texas
-inventing words
-war on terror
-attack on main land
-bush Doctrine
-no child left behind act
13. Barack H. Obama
(2009-current) Democrat
- First Black Prez