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What Shows that Turkey is a "divided coutry"?
D. All of the above
What is Zionism?
A. The desire to build a Jewish homeland in the middle east
Which events are in the proper chronological order?
A. Israel became a nation; OPEC had an oil embargo; Iranian Revolution
When Israel and Egypt made peace, Israel recieved an Egyptian Promise not to attck ever again. Egypt recieved.........From Israel.
C. Sinai Penninusla
Saddam Hussein is associated with
B. Iraq
This Countryjust elected its first president ever, Hamid Karzai
D. Afghanistand
Which U.S. president helped Egypt and Israel make peace?
B. Cater
Which U.S. predident helped form and lead the UN coalition that drove Iraq out of Kuwait?
Bush Elder
Why is Afganistand sometimes called "The Russian Vietnam"?
C. Because a superpower was defeated a samller nation.
What Year did Israel become an independent nation?