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Stage 1: Pre-hire
-not yet hired; interviewing
-establishing your "entry reputation"
-marketing yourself like an exceptional employee
-don't get hired with a "filler reputation"
Stage 2: Job Adjustment
-sometimes referred to as "probationary period"
-experiencing a "learning curve"
-creating a "worker identity or reputation"
-"workthrall" occurs sometimes
Stage 3: Establishment
-making secure place for yourself within the org.
-mastering the position for which you were hired
-making yourself "invaluable" to the company
-worker attitude and behavior as important as work performace
Stage 4: Organizational Advancement
-more success with earlier stages, easier to advance
-researching advancement opportunies occurs at any any time
-seeking of advancement relies heavily on orgranizational "timing"
-don't get boxed in
Stage 5: Organizational midlife
-you're identified as an expert, longer term employee
-less interest in advancing moves
-probably planning on staying with organization until retirement
-requires a renewal of your work energy
Stage 6: Redefining your Organizational Identity
-final two or three years of employment before retiring
-creating new meaning to the words "older worker"
-using strategies like problem finding