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def Angina
chest pain due to ischemia or lack of O2
Goals of Angina RX
increase O2 deliver and decrease O2 consumption
Treatment of Angina
Nitrates (vasodialtion)
Beta blockers (heart depressant)
Calcium blocker
Calcium blocker
decrease O2 demand,afterload,contractility& HR
Beta blockers (heart depressant)
decrease H.R., contractility, BP, and afterload so reduce myocardial O2 consumption.

precatutions: bradycardia, and patients with asthma.
Nitrates (Nitroglycerin)
Venous dilation predominates with nitroglycerin which decreases cardiac preload and O2 consumption.
shock treatment MOA
inotropic and vasopresser
causes of shock 6
blood flow
Dopamine for shock

Dopamine is ther anything it can't do??
used in ER cardiogenic shock
lrg amt increase CO and peripheral vasoconstriction
Nor Epi for shock
Levophed not useful for hypvolemic shock may increase myocardial O2 demand. Constricts renal blood vessels.
Phenylephrine for shock
alpha sympathomimetic. Vasoconstiction of peripheral and cutanous blood vessels