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Pentamidine Isothionate
anti-protozoal agent
treats pneumocystis carinii
aerosol or parental (no oral)

used to prevent the colonization of the pneumocystis organism

SE:Aerosol route: Cough and bronchial irritation, SOB, Bitter taste or burning.
Bronchospasm & wheezing, spontaneous pneumothoraces.

Administer a bronchodilator before pentamidine administration to prevent this.
what happens when you inhale Pentamidine Isothionate?
The inhaled drug binds to lung tissue, though it is slowly absorbed into the circulation and is distributed to body tissues.
Pentamidine Isothionate (Nebupent) MOA
blocks the synthesis of RNA & DNA, inhibits phosphorylation
Pentamidine Isothionate (Nebupent) dosage
300 mg by inhalation once every 4 wks
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia
PCP produces a foamy intra-alveolar exudate that contains cysts of P. carinii
there is a mild to moderate interstitial infiltrate of lymphocytes. And macrophages are present in the alveoli.
CXR shows diffuse bilateral interstitial or alveolar infiltrates.
Pentamidine Isothionate precautions:
Risk of infection with TB ( is associated with AIDS patient’s)
Limit exposure
Use a neb system with a 1-way valve. &
An Expiratory Filter.
Stop the neb if the pt. Takes the mouth piece out of his mouth.
Pentamidine Isothionate administration
special SVN fitted with a series of 1-way valves and an expiratory filter.

flow rate of 5 - 7 LPM.

No less than a 22 - 25 PSI source should be used.

1-2 microns
RIBAVIRIN - Virazole
anti-viral agent
treats: bronchiolitis and pneumonia caused by RSV in the youngin's



it inhibits both DNA & RNA
RIBAVIRIN - Virazole
side effects: pulmonary
Deterioration of PFT’s
Worsening of RAD or COPD
Bacterial pneumonia
RIBAVIRIN - Virazole
side effects: Cardiovascular
Cardiac Arrest
Digitalis Toxicity
RIBAVIRIN - Virazole
given in a 20 mg/ml solution
ribavirin precautions with babies on vents??
use caution when aerosolizing this on infants requiring mechanical ventilation as the drug may form a precipitate and clog the expiratory valves and or sensors of the ventilator.
potential SE for RCP administrator??
mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, and is teratogenic or embryocidal in animal species.
Limit or avoid exposure to the drug when possible.
Antibiotics with Poor oral availability for lung tissue
Penicillin derivatives
Consequently the IV or inhaled route is preferred
Cystic Fibrosis patient’s are chronically infected with organisms such as:
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and cepacia
Hemophilus influenzae
Staphylococcus aureus
Nebulizing Anti-Infectives what do I need to know???
b/c of antibiotic viscosity flow rate 10-12 LPM

Use Expiratory filters with 1 - way valves and a thumb port to avoid exposure