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What is the most common medical error of patients?
Medication error
What percent of population is at below proficiency in medical literacy?
Roughly 50%
How much of an increase in hospitalization is there for patients with low literacy?
Strategies (general) to improve oral communication. x3
1. Use plain language
2. Be specific
3. Limit information
Specific things you can do to improve communication/education. x5
1. Be specific
2. Demonstrate (draw pics)
3. Repeat/summerize
4. Teach back
5. Be positive
Key to compliance. x2
1. Confirm patient understanding

2. “Tell me what you’ve understood”
How do you negotiate and motivate patient?
Action plan
T/F - HPI contains both objective and subjective parts
What are the seven cardinal descriptors of CC.
1. Quality
2. Quantity
3. Chronology
4. Location
5. Associated factors
6. Setting
7. Provacative/Palliative
Shared decision making is motivated by what? x4
1. Models of physician-patient relationship
2. Difference between physician and patient perspectives
3. Variation in patient preferences
4. Ethical issues
What are the 4 subset models of physician-patient relationship?
1. Paternalistic (MD is guardian)
2. Interpretive (MD is counselor)
3. Deliberative (MD is partner)
4. Informative (MD is technical expert)
What are the factors in variations of patient preference? x4
1. Acute vs. chronic
2. Extremes of age
3. Culture
4. Finances

What are the factors for ethical principles? x2
1. Beneficience
2. Respect for autonomy
Ethical foundation of informed consent can be traced to the promotion of what two values?
1. Personal well being
2. Self determination
What are the two models of shared decision making?
1. Transparent model
2. Informed decision making model
What is the operational standard for disclosure?
Transparent model
What is the goal for informed decision making in office visits?
Foster patient understanding to allow informed participation in clinical decisions.
Most of the time, the diagnosis is in what?
Well-taken history
When is silence golden for patient interviews?
When patient is sad or crying.
What are the rules to live by in deductive differential diagnosis? x4
1. Common things occur commonly
2. Do not assume
3. First do no harm
4. Use your senses and instincts
What do you do with a proble list when differential diagnosing?
1. Expand you problem list
2. Narrow your list
3. Rank you list
4. Define your differential diagnosis